Kinds of Prasad offered to different Gods


Prasad is a feeling towards God, let’s know which God we should offer what Prasad so that we get right virtue. After worship or aarti, the substance that is distributed after Tulsikrit Jalamrit and Panchamrit is called ‘Prasad’. At the time of worship, when any food item is presented to the Gods and Goddesses, then that item is distributed in the form of Prasad. It is also called ‘Naivedya’.

Vishnu Bhog

Vishnuji likes kheer or semolina pudding very much. Kheer is made in many ways. Must add raisins, finely chopped almonds, very little coconut shavings, cashews, pistachios, charoli, some ground makhanas, a cardamom for aroma, some saffron and lastly basil in the kheer. Make it in the best way and then distribute it after offering it to Vishnuji.

Halwa has great importance in Indian society. Many types of halwa are made but semolina halwa is very dear to Vishnuji. Mix almost all types of dry fruits in semolina pudding and make it in the best way and offer it to God.


Shiva Bhog

Shiva likes the offering of Bhang and Panchamrit. Bholenath is bathed with milk, curd, honey, sugar, ghee, water stream and offered hemp-dhatura, sandalwood, flowers, roli, clothes. Revdi, Chironji and Mishri are also offered to Lord Shiva.

In the month of Shravan, keeping a fast of Lord Shiva and offering him milk apart from jaggery, gram and chironji fulfills all kinds of wishes.

Hanuman Bhog

Hanumanji likes halua, panch mewa, jaggery-made and besan laddoos or roth, betel leaf and saffron-rice very much. Apart from this, some people also offer Imarti to Hanumanji.

Lakshmi Bhog

Lakshmiji has been considered the goddess of wealth. Lakshmiji likes white and yellow sweets, saffron-rice very much.

Durga Bhog

Mother Durga is considered the goddess of power. Durgaji likes kheer, malpua, sweet pudding, puranpoli, bananas, coconut and sweets. Offering it to her daily on the occasion of Navratri fulfills all her wishes, especially Mataji likes all kinds of halua. Different kind of Maa durga swaroop likes different Prasad. She likes Jeera rice, Kasaar and Kada Prasad also.

Saraswati Bhog

Mother Saraswati has been considered the goddess of knowledge. Mother Saraswati likes milk, panchamrit, curd, butter, white sesame laddoos and paddy lava. This should be offered to Saraswatiji in a temple, only then knowledge and ability will develop.

Ganesh Bhog

Ganesha likes the offering of Modak or Laddu. Many types of modaks are also made. In Maharashtra, especially on the occasion of Ganesh Puja, different types of modaks are made in every household. Apart from modaks, Ganesha also likes Motichoor laddoos. Besan laddoos made with pure ghee are also liked by hime. Apart from this, you can also offer Boondi laddoos to them. Laddoos made of coconut, sesame and semolina are also offered to him.

Ram Bhog

Lord Shri Ram likes Kesar Bhaat, Kheer, Coriander Bhog etc. Apart from this, he also likes to enjoy Kalakand, Barfi, Gulab Jamun.

Shri Krishna Bhog

Lord Shri Krishna likes butter and sugar candy very much. Apart from this, they also like kheer, halua, puranpoli, laddoos and seviyan. Even he likes 56 bhogs.

Kalika and Bhairav Bhog

Mata Kalika and Lord Bhairavnath enjoy almost the same bhog. Halua, puri and liquor are their favorite indulgences. Many offeres them non veg also as Bali in havan. Apart from this, Imarti, Jalebi and 5 types of sweets are also offered.

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