Is there a buried treasure in Oak Island ?


Oak Island is a mysterious island situated off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Although it is surrounded by beautiful greenery and blue sea water, there are many stories related to it that are spread among the people. Some people call this island cursed while others talk about immense treasure buried in it.

Who discovered it?

It was discovered in 1795 by a young man named Daniel McGinnis. One day he saw a strange light here. After some investigation, he came to know that a strange pit had formed in the middle of the trees. He felt that there might be some treasure buried here. After this, he reached there the next day to excavate it with his two friends (John Smith-Anthony Vaughan). The three friends started digging there.


There is a saying related to this

He dug two feet and found a rock. After removing it, they found a wooden chamber 10 feet away. He got excited after seeing this. Then he dug 10 more feet. But here also they did not find anything. Now all three were tired so they thought of not digging it further and thus the saying of Oak Island Money Pit came in front of the people.

Magical stone also found

Well, now they failed but some other people also came here in search of the buried treasure. Oslo Company started excavation here in 1804. After going 60 feet, they found coconut shells there, which must have been brought there by some pirate from the Caribbean Sea and pressed there. After this, he started feeling that he was going to find the treasure. At 90 feet he found a stone on which something was written in a strange language. He returned with this stone.

It was written on the stone that there was a treasure

In 1860, Professor James Leitchi, a scholar of ancient languages, decoded it. He said that it is written on this stone that two million pounds are buried forty feet below. This confirmed the matter of treasure. Then some more searchers came in search of him and went up to 130 feet. But there was a problem here, due to digging by many people, many tunnels were formed here, due to which there was a danger of water coming in. Some motor pumps were installed for this but they too were of no use.

Many people lost their lives

Many people even lost their lives in search of this treasure. In 1861, one person died due to a boiler explosion; in 1965, poisonous gas leakage from the ground took the lives of 4 people. However, it is not that the searchers did not find anything. Several gold pieces, a coin inscribed with VI, and a copper coin used in Spain in the 17th century were also found at the site. These things indicated immense wealth here.

But the sad thing is that to date the mystery of Oak Island has not been solved. It is possible that in the coming years when technology will develop significantly, its secret may be revealed, but till then we will have to be content with just waiting.

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