Is It A Crime To Commit Suicide According To The Scriptures?


Nowadays it has become very common for people to commit suicide in this world. People are getting so stressed that they kill themselves. But do you know that committing suicide also comes under the category of Sin? The body in which you lived for so many years, the body which allowed you to live in this world, the body with which you felt this world, and most importantly, the human body which was given to you by God to attain God, it is a big crime to kill it.

Is It A Crime To Commit Suicide According To The Scriptures?

What is Written in Garuda Purana And Upnishad About Suicide

What is the fate of those who commit suicide described in the Garuda Purana? Suicide is considered a reprehensible crime. It is also considered an insult to God. It is said that the soul of a person who commits suicide keeps wandering among us. Neither does she/he get a chance to go to heaven or hell nor does she come back to life. In such a situation, the soul hangs in the balance. Such souls do not find a place until their time cycle is completed.
Upanishads say, On other occasions, another body is soon found. Whether that body is human or any other animal.


Why Do Dasvi Tehravi And Barsi happen In Sanatan Dharma

According to the Puranas, a person assumes another body within 3 days of death. That’s why Teeja is done. Some souls assume another body on the tenth day and some souls on 13 days. That’s why people do tenth and thirteenth (Dasva and tehravi). Some souls take a body in a quarter of a month i.e. 37 to 40 days.
There are very few people who do not get the body even after 40 days. Many of them are involved in accidental deaths or suicides. If such people go to the ghost or ancestral vagina, then think that they celebrate their death anniversary after one year. Finally, after 3 years, he is dropped off in Gaya. This is done so that if the soul is in a phantom or an ancestral vagina, then it can be liberated by staying in Gaya.

When Does The Soul Keep Wandering?

If the person who commits suicide has any unfulfilled wish or has committed suicide due to severe stress, it becomes even more difficult for such a soul to get a new body. In such a situation, the soul wanders in the form of a ghost, a vampire. This disorientation lasts until the prescribed age of his dead body is completed.
For example, the age of a person has been fixed at 50 years. But if he commits suicide at the age of 30 out of frustration with life, then for the remaining 20 years his soul wanders for salvation. If any of her wishes are left unfulfilled, she keeps wandering in different forms to fulfill them.

How To Get Rid Of A Wandering Soul?

But it is not that those who commit suicide can never get salvation, but some measures have been mentioned in Garuda Purana, which can satisfy the restless soul of a person who commits suicide. For such a dead person, it is considered important to do tarpan, charity, virtue, recitation of Gita, donating bodies, and fulfilling the unfulfilled wishes of the dead soul. This work should last for at least 3 years. Only then the dead person gets salvation. The soul of the dead person is satisfied by offering, offering incense, etc. and only a satisfied soul can take another body.

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