Is ANGER Good Or Bad?


Anger can be our enemy or our friend. It is there in all people and no one can stop it from coming out within us. When being angry, happiness fades from you and also from others. But few people in this world can control it and most of them cannot control it.

According to some research, it has been found that it helps in making you think rationally. When you express your anger properly and healthily, it will be your friend to yourself and also to others. Health wise One should get rid of anger and it will get your health in the bad stage. It has been said that anger had a great connection with higher hypertension and great pain management. In certain cases, being angry can get one to commit self-suicide as they may not know what they will do in anger. When anger goes over the extreme limit, One can even kill another person or put him in danger, but all these are done by your subconscious mind. Too much anger will help your body damage and also ruptures your relationships.

Now let us look at first about anger in a bad way:

Anger in Bad Way

A person with anger to the highest degree lets his/her heart at great risk when his/her mind is angry. It is said that it will affect your heart at first. Certain studies have shown that those people who have undergone anger in a proneness way have experienced twice the risk they have received from coronary diseases than those who are less angry. It has a certain relation to the heart as it is the heart that controls your blood and emotions after the brain does. If the brain is weak then it is the heart that you have to live. You can lose many things even your loving relationships and family when you do something out of your sense when in great anger. To protect your anger, you have to identify and understand your feelings before you lose control of yourself when in anger.


Anger affects the immune system

If you are healthy means you have great immune power. If you get angry at the highest level all the time, then you will end up falling sick most of the time. So if you need to live happy and healthy, you will have to start and think of reducing your anger and be ready to have a good immune to fight against germs that come your way. Anger is good at some point in time but you have to look after your health also in dealing with anger. Living without anger gives you healthy life and will not have to spend much money on medicines and treatment but when your anger hits you most of the time, you will have to lose many.

Anger’s depression connection

This connection has a strong connection, especially in men. When in depression you get passive anger where you only talk about things that you will do but will never come into action. They are only words and nothing in action and this is common in all. We sometimes don’t know what we do in anger. To get rid of this get yourself busy and stop thinking about it so much. When you get something distracted with something that you love and think about it and do that, then that anger that hit you will go away from you automatically. When you are depressed you will feel angry also. So find ways to distract yourself with something interesting so that you can get hold of the anger and be happy in doing what you were doing and others around you will also be happy.

This emotion can make your life short

We all must have heard people say in school and otherwise that happy people live longer and strong people who exercise regularly live healthy and longer. Stress and happy living have a great connection with each other. But what do you say when stress and anger strike you at the same time? It is of course sure that your life span will be short. If you learn to express it properly then you are healthily using anger. If you keep the anger with you and stop telling someone why you are angry, then it will only grow in you, and help in breaking your relations with other people and will later make your mind and body weak and unhealthy.

Now let us see how to control anger to make your life healthy and happy:

Exercise on a regular basis

Doing some physical exercise on daily basis, once or twice a day for a total of 2 hours is enough to make you fit and healthy both mind and body and to reduce the stress you. When you are sure that your anger has gone down, go for a short walk or jog. Other than exercise, you can do what makes you happy and interesting. Dancing is also another good example of making you happy and fit at the same time.

Have breaks in between

You not only have to give break to your family but also to yourself. It is good for yourself also to have a short drive or walk alone when you are highly stressed. When you are free for a short time that will give you some relief and also make you prepared to cope with what is coming further without making you much irritated or angry. Like in all offices they have short breaks in 9 to 10 hours of work in a day; they are useful for mood changes and relief for your brain and better health.

Look out for better and apt solutions

Rather than talking about or thinking about what made you mad, think about how to solve them and make yourself back to a normal mood. Ask questions to yourself like- is the messy house making you mad? Ask for help and get it cleaned. Or is it your partner not taking you out for movies or dinner? Talk to him and solve by explaining this to him so that he can understand and will take you out later on. You just have to be realistic and think about what you can do and what you cannot change or deal with. You only have to remember that anger only worsens things and does not help fix them.

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