Interesting facts about Shukracharya – Guru of Asuras


Everyone must have heard the name of Shukracharya. He was the teacher of Daityas or Asuras. His fame had spread far and wide. Let’s see some interesting facts about him.

Origin and Family

Shukracharya, the son of sage Bhrigu, was the teacher of the Asura king Virochana, who later became the great king. He also became the teacher of Bali. According to another belief, she is the daughter of Bhrigu Rishi and Hiranyakashipu. He was the son of Divya. The name of the first wife of Maharishi Bhrigu was Khyati, who was the daughter of King Daksha. Through fame, Bhrigu got two sons, Data and Vidata, and a daughter Lakshmi was born. He married Lakshmi to Lord Vishnu.

It is said about Shukracharya, son of Maharishi Bhrigu and nephew of devotee Prahlad. Also Mata Lakshmi was his sister. Sage Chyavana was his brother. It is believed that The first name of Shukracharya was Ushana.

Creator of Shukra Niti Shastra

Acharya Shukracharya was the originator of Shukra Niti Shastra while Shukracharya’s sons Shanda and Amark used to teach Niti Shastra at Hiranyakashipu’s place. Many mantras composed by Bhriguvanshi sages are described in Rigveda, in which the names of Ven, Somahuti, Sumarashmi, Bhargava, Arvi, etc. Shukracharya’s daughter’s name was Devyani and her son’s name was Shand and Amark. Devayani was married to Yayati while Devayani was in love with Kacha, the son of Brihaspati.


He is the lord of Venus – Shukra graha among nine planets in Solar System.

He knows Mrit Sanjivani Vidhya

Shukracharya learned Sanjivani Vidya from his mother. A dead body can also be made alive by this knowledge. Shukracharya used to heal the injured soldiers in the war through this education and used to revive the dead immediately. Shukra Charya, by not giving Mahamrityunjaya Siddhi to a demon named Raktabeej, created the entire body from a drop of blood on the battlefield. It is said that this is also possible with the accomplishment of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra.

Student of Gautam Rishi

According to the Matsya Purana, Shukracharya initially took the discipleship of Angiras Rishi, but when he (Angiras) started showing favoritism towards his son Brihaspati, he left the ashram of Angiras and took the discipleship of Gautam Rishi. On the advice of Rishi Gautam, Shukracharya worshiped Shankar and obtained Mritasanji Vani Vidya, on the strength of which the Asuras won many times in the Deva-sur Sangram.

Legend of Vaman avatar

It is believed that once upon a time, when Vishnu Avatar Ratrivikram Vaman disguised as a Brahmin asked King Bali for three steps of earth as a donation, at that time Shukra Charya sat in the spout of the water vessel to alert Bali. Mistaking it for some disturbance in the water, his eyes burst when he tried to dig it out from the sink. Then they remained ears for life. Since then his name has changed to Ekakshtakadyo.

Lord Shankar swelled him

Lord Shankar got very angry due to the improper use of the dead Sanjeevini by Shukracharya. Out of anger, he caught hold of Shukracharya and swallowed him. After this Shukracharya came out from the body of Lord Shiva in the form of Shukla Kanti and attained his full form. Then he started his new life by marrying Urjaswati, the daughter of Priyavrit. He had four sons from her.

Famous poet

Shukracharya also has the distinction of being the best companion, expert, and poet. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Rishi Bhrigu also had a son named Kavi, who later became famous as Shukracharya. According to the Mahabharata, Shukracharya is also the knower of medicines, mantras, and juices. His power is amazing. He gave all his wealth to his disciple Asuras and accepted the ascetic life.

Originator of ancient Arabia

Shukracharya is considered the originator of the religion and culture of ancient Arabia. Some
Scholars believe that Arabia was earlier given the noun of Hades. On the other side of the sea of Gujarat, the story of Patallo ka ho ne is found in the Puranas. At a distance of 4 miles from Bet Dwarka, situated on the sea coast of Gujarat, the idol of Hanumanji is established along with Makardhwaj. Ahiravan had hidden the saffron and Shriram-Laxman at this place. It is believed that when King Bali was made the king of Hades, then Shukracharya also went with him.

According to another belief, when the demon King Bali did not listen to Shukracharya, he abandoned him and came to his grandson Aurva in Arabia and stayed there for ten years. Shukracharya’s grandson’s name was Aurv/Arv or Harb, who became Arab due to corruption. The historical relation of Arab countries with Shukracharya, son of Maharishi Bhrigu, and his grandson Aurva is mentioned in the ‘History of Persia’ authored by Sykes.

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