Incarnation and Rebirth of legends of Mahabharat


Everyone in the Mahabharata was great in his own right. Everyone was an incarnation of someone or the other and everyone had amazing powers. Some were able to use those powers and some were not. Some lost and some won. It is said that all the warriors became alive for one night and it is also said that all the warriors were reborn again in Kalikal with one name or the other. Let’s know the interesting story of his incarnation, living, and rebirth in Kalikal.


Lord Shri Krishna was an incarnation of Vishnu and Balram was a part of Sheshnag. One of the eight Vasus named ‘Dyu’ was born Bhishma. Devguru Brihaspati was born as Dronacharya. Ashwatthama was an incarnation of Rudra. Duryodhana of Kali Yuga and his 100 brothers were part of the demon Pulastya dynasty. Karna was the son of Suryadev, Arjuna was the son of Indra, Bhima was the son of Pawan, Yudhishthira was the son of Dharmaraj, and Nakula and Sahdev were the sons of the two Ashwini Kumaras Nasatya and Dastra.


Rebirth from previous yugas

A son of Rudra took birth as Kripacharya. From the part of Dwapar Yuga, Gandharva named Hans, son of Shakuni, Arishta took birth as Dhritarashtra and Pandu. The part religion of the sun became famous by the name of Vidur. Siddhi and Dhritika were born as Kunti and Madri. Mati was born Gandhari, the daughter of King Subal. Indrani was born as Lakshmiji and Draupadi Rukmani, the daughter of King Bhishmak. Abhimanyu was a part of Varcha, the son of Moon.

Other incarnations

Satyaki, Drupada, Kritavarma, and Virat were born from the part of Marutgana. Dhrishtadhumna was born from the part of Agni and Shikhandi was born from the part of the demon. The five sons of Vishvadevgan Draupadi were born as Prativindhya, Sutasom, Shrutkirti, Satanik, and Shrutsev. Danavaraj Viprachitti was a part of Jarasandh and Hiranyakashipu Shishupala. Kalnemi the demon had assumed the form of Kansa. As per the order of Indra, 16 thousand women were born from the part of Apsaras.

Rebirth of Pandavas

According to the Bhavishya Purana, the Pandavas had to be reborn in Kali Yuga due to fighting with Lord Shiva. It is said that when Ashwatthama, Kritavarma, and Kripacharya went to the camp of the three Pandavas at midnight, they worshiped Lord Shiva in their hearts and pleased them. On this Lord Shiva allowed him to enter the Pandavas’ camp. After this Ashwatthama entered the camp of Pandavas and killed all the sons of Pandavas with the sword received from Lord Shiva and went away from there.

Fight of Lord Shiva and Pandavas

When the Pandavas came to know about this, they went to fight with Lord Shiva. As soon as the Pandavas reached in front of him to fight with Shivji, all their weapons got absorbed in Shivji and Shivji said all of you are worshipers of Shri Krishna, so you will not get the result of this crime in this birth, but you will get the result again in Kaliyuga. Will have to suffer after taking birth.

All the Pandavas were saddened to hear this from Lord Shiva and went to Shri Krishna to talk about it, then Shri Krishna told them which Pandava would be born in Kaliyuga, where and in whose house.

Who was born in Kali Yuga again and where

  1. Yudhishthira was born as the son of a king named Vatsaraja. His name was Malkhan.
  2. Bhima was born as Veeran who became the king of the kingdom named Vanaras.
  3. Arjun was born to a king named Parilok. His name was Brahmanand.
  4. Nakul was born at the place of King Ratnabhanu of Kanyakubj, his name was Lakshman.
  5. Sahdev was born as Devisingh in the house of a king named Bhimsingh.
  6. Danveer Karna was born as a king named Tarak.
  7. It is said that Dhritarashtra was born as Prithviraj in Ajmer and Draupadi was born as his daughter named Vela.

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