Importance Of Kartik Month


Importance Of Kartik Month

In the scriptures, Kartik Damodara month has been described as holy, best, and full of infinite glory. This attribute is very dear to our Shri Krishna. Any fast observed in this month gives more fruit than other times.

It is said in Skanda Purana describing the glory of Kartik month.


मासनां कार्तिक: श्रेष्ठो देवानां मधुसूदन् ।
तीर्थ नारायणाख्यम हि त्रितयं दुर्लभं कलौ ।।


This means that like Lord Vishnu and Vishnu Tirtha, Kartika month is said to be the best and rarest.

Why Kartika Month is Also Called Damodar Month

The month of Kartik is the month of offering deep (lamps) to Lord Shri Krishna and the month of praising the Damodar form tied by Yashoda Mata.

Importance Of Kartika Month

Explaining the importance of Kartik month, it has been said in the Scriptures which is as follows


न कार्तिकसमो मासो न कृतेन् समं युगम।
न वेद सदृर्श शास्त्रं न तीर्थं गंगा समम ।।



That is, there is no other month like Kartika, no era like Satya Yuga, no scriptures like Vedas, and no pilgrimage like Ganga ji.

What Should We Do In Kartik Month

If you want to get the blessings of Lord Shri Krishna in the month of Kartika then you should follow some rules which are as follows

  1. From the beginning to the end of Kartik month, one should offer a ghee lamp to Shri Krishna daily and recite Damodar Ashtakam.
  2. At this time, the maximum chanting of Hari Naam and Sankirtana should be done. Srimad Bhagavatam should be recited from the senior Vaishnavas as far as possible.
  3. If possible, only Sri Krishna Prasadam should be taken.
  4. 4-Every day Tulsi Mata should be worshiped by donating a deep (lamp) and offering water to her.
    We can thus take one step towards the Goloka Dham of Shri Krishna by serving Goddess Tulsi ji.
  5. Delicious dishes should be offered to Shri Krishna this month.
  6. One should observe celibacy and practice penance in daily life.

What Should Eat Or Not Eat In This Month

In this particular month, some food and drink are forbidden and the consumption of some things is considered fruitful.

We Should Not Eat These Things

In the month of Kartik, Lord Narayana resides in the water in the form of a fish. Therefore eating fish is prohibited during this month. Let us also tell you that it is not only from the spiritual point of view but also from the scientific point of view because at this time the water of rivers gets polluted due to floods etc. Therefore, fish should not be eaten so that infectious diseases can be avoided.


Do not eat brinjal in the month of Kartika because there is a high risk of diseases related to pitta dosha. Brinjal is a major cause of pitta dosha and brinjal is also effective in increasing sex stimulation, due to which we should not consume it during the Kartik month.


The month of Kartik is especially the month of sadhana and worship of God. In such a situation, avoid sour, spicy food and as the bitter gourd is a wind-enhancing food, Hence we should avoid it and should not eat it at the beginning of the cold due to the cold effect of bitter gourd.


It is said in the scriptures that one should refrain from eating curd in the month of Kartik because it is not advisable to eat curd in this month from the point of view of health and eating curd from a religious point of view is not considered auspicious for a child.


Do not eat cumin seeds in the month of Kartik. Although cumin is very beneficial for health but consumption of cumin seeds in this month can lead to loss.

What we should Eat in Kartika Month

We should eat these things in Kartik month which are as Follows

  1. Milk
  2. Dry Fruits
  3. Radish
  4. Cucumber

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