Importance of Faithfulness to God


What are the benefits of faithfulness to God? | How can we show our faithfulness to God? | What does it mean to stay faithful to God?


We can find very few people who are faithful in their life and actions and even words, living on this planet. Each one of us has a different opinion about earning success in life but whatever it is. They are much different from the one God defines. According to us, success is earned by money, fame, and certain relationships that we make. But According to God, it is defined by faithfulness and being faithful, both to ourselves and others.

Sometimes when we think what we expect will happen and when we put great effort into it to make it successful and the person near us does not give much notice to our work, we will completely lose heart and will not move on further. At a work, everyone needs motivation, then only we can know that we can do more and in a better way. This is true not only in professional life but also in our daily life.

Why is it that we have to be Faithfulness in small things?

We should have faith in small things that we do or think of doing. At home, when you feel like doing something, you get to do that, then after one hour, your concentration goes off for movies or series on Netflix or games on your phone, and then you go for that thinking you need a break and will to the completion of the work later on, which will either not be done or when late, you will have to rush to finish off your work, thinking you oust took a half-minute rest. When we know that the work that we do will get paid, we will finish it off in no time but when not paid we think of doing it slowly. This is common in life. The only reason for not getting small things done on time is the unfaithfulness in small things.


People born as Christians, know that they are to be called faith with little things before they can be truly trusted with bigger things. God surely will not give us big things to do when He understands that we are not able to do even the simple things in a small way. For this how can we blame Him? Why should He trust us for the huge things we beg Him for it when He gives us smaller tasks which we can’t do it easily.

How to be faithful to Little things

We should be faithful by showing up This is the first step in being faithful. Whether be meetings at work, video chat with your boss or mentor, or when you schedule out to work on your blogging, and so on, it is all that you have to show up in front of them as you show and make them understand that you have faith in yourself and can do it successfully.

We should be faithfulness by being consistent and staying on it- In life, we have to be consistent in things like those being very much important to us. If you think you cannot do it, then you will never do it and later you will have to regret it. If you don’t remain consistent on the work that you do for diving the tasks at hand, you will end up being stressed, unproductive, and less creative. When you have faith and consistency, then you will avoid all those thoughts and help yourself in taking steps in moving to the right path or direction.

Being Faithfulness means you have to be on time

Whether be to church, the first or last day of school or work, attending meetings and conferences, or anything that comes up in life to meet or attend anything, you make sure you be on time. In this case, if one does not reach on time, he or she will struggle with time more than any other person. In this universe, some people love to be on time or even five to ten minutes earlier than the said time as they have great faith in themselves in meeting their goals in life as well as in professionalism or elsewhere.

Be faithful by deciding to work now and play or rest later

Naturally, people fall lazy when they have work to do continuously or long term, Whether is at home or work, people love to simply sit and be free and have the time of their own. A stitch in time saves nine or time and tide waits for no man are two main proverbs which have great meaning and value of time in our life. When we do today’s work today, then there will be less work for tomorrow. But if we do have and leave it for tomorrow and tomorrow’s work they after, then you will be piled up with much pending work, and later anger, stress, and other illness will occur. Then your life will be meaningless. This all happens as you don’t have faith in yourself. Having faith within you, will make your life better and get your things to move on in normal ways.

All humans have the capability of being blessed with so many capabilities and abilities that we think we have got. But when we think that we are good for nothing, and then be lazy, then we are not living a good life as they are peculiar treasures that God created us to be. Very few tasks that enter our life, goals, relationships, at home or workplace, are helping us prepare and push towards the grander things that we hope for in life. The only thing in life we need to be is to be faithful to ourselves and do things that make us happy and in giving us a positive vibe.

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