Igunguns – These are called living ghosts


Igunguns – These are called Living Ghosts. Benin is a small country in West Africa. African black magic voodoo originated from here. There is a secret society called Igunguns in Benin. Its members are called ‘living ghosts’. It is believed that even if this Igungun touches another person, that person will die immediately, and the Igungun will also die. He wears various clothes. They keep their faces covered so that their identity remains hidden.


Work of Igungun

The main function of Igungun is to adjudicate disputes between villagers. It is believed that the dead ancestors ‘come’ on these and give their opinion through them. Therefore the decision of the Egungun is considered to be a message from God and final. More than one Igungun sits to resolve a dispute. They speak very loudly and in unclear words. Some minders, that is, people who warn, also walk with the Egungun. They are also members of their society. He has a stick in his hands. Since even touching an igungun is believed to kill both the person and the igungun, these minders keep a certain distance between people and the igungun. Even when Igungun sits somewhere and rests, the minder keeps on guard. Some people play drums and drums with their group. Igungun also dances to the beat of the drum.

Igunguns Dance is considered auspecious

Along with Igungun, some other people work for their security. He asks people to stay away from him with a stick in his hand so that no one can touch him even by mistake. Igungun keeps guard around them all the time. They also dance to the beat of the drum. Drums also accompany them. When they dance, it is considered very auspicious for the village. It is an indicator of auspicious deeds and a pre-notification of the message. These people consider him to be the solver of all problems.

They hide identity

Igungun never reveals his true identity. The fear of death by the touch of Igungun is so deep that people get scared even if they are inadvertently touched.

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