How to know your house is haunted ?


If any kind of upheaval is going on in the house, then two types of things can happen. The first is that there is a ghost or the second is that there is any negative thing of any other kind. Means your house is haunted ! If any one of the two enters the house, then the life of all the members living in the house starts changing gradually.

The question is, how to know that the house is inhabited by a ghost or any other negative energy? or its is haunted ?

Signs of Haunted house

  • The first is that if there is negative energy or ghosts, then the atmosphere of the house changes. The cool and calm environment starts to feel hot and eerie.
  • Secondly, every member of the house starts quarreling with each other or gets angry over every small issue. No one has a loving conversation with anyone.
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  • Thirdly, without any reason one person or the other starts getting ill. The dispensary does not give up.
  • Fourth is that thoughts like suicide or murder start coming into your mind or any member of the household.
  • Fifth is that there is always fear while sleeping at night at home and sleep is also not good.
  • Sixth one does not feel good as soon as one enters the house. None of the members feel like staying at home.
  • Seventh is that there is a fault in one or the other equipment.
  • Eighthly, the children of the house get distracted from their studies and they also become irritable and stubborn.
  • It means to say that happiness, peace, and prosperity go away.

In such a situation, what measures should you take ? Let us give you some easy measures to avoid haunted house.

Charak Samhita gives this knowledge

Charak Samhita mentions the symptoms of ghosts, ghosts, obstacles, and people affected by them. Bhoot Vigyan or Pret Vigyan is one of the wonderful mysteries of human history. Charak Samhita is one of the texts related to the research of ghost science. Charak Samhita is a Hindi Ayurvedic text, in which ghost science is also described.

According to the Charaka Samhita, when a person dies, his body is quickly cremated so that his soul does not wander in the world.

Here are some of the easy solutions mentioned to get rid of the phantom obstruction

  • Ghosts don’t come by wearing Om or Rudraksh’s charmed locket and putting the symbol of Trishul written Om on the door outside the house. Apply and put holy religious things in house and on members.
  • Applying sandalwood or Bhabhuti on the forehead and tying Molly on the wrist also protects from ghosts.
  • Burn camphor and cloves in a silver bowl in the worship house or any holy place after having dinner and before sleeping, it gives relief from sudden troubles.
  • On the day of Diwali, make kajal by lighting a lamp of mustard oil or pure ghee, then apply it to the eyes. This kajal protects from ghosts, vampires, etc. and the evil eye.
    Worship the seven leaves of the Ashoka tree by keeping it in the temple. When they dry, keep new leaves and give old leaves under the Peepal tree. By doing this action continuously for seven days, the ghosts and spirits run away.
  • Offer a whole betel nut to Lord Ganesha daily and donate a bowl of rice. It is believed that your house will be free from evil spirits.
  • Start reciting Bajrang Baan on Tuesday or Saturday. It is a good remedy for fear and exorcism.

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