How Ravana died because of Mandodari ?


Everyone remembers the story of the killing of Ravana in Ramayana. Everyone knows that Ravana’s death was very difficult. All the heads of Ravana that Lord Shri Ram cut off came back to life with a new head. During that time, Ravana’s brother Vibhishan had told the secret to Shri Ram that the nectar pond resides in Ravana’s navel. So everyone thinks that Vibhishan was the reason behind Ravana’s death but very few knows that Ravana’s wife Mandodari was also the reason behind his death. Let us know.

Secret of Ravana

As long as the nectar is safe, nothing can harm Ravana. Only if Ravana’s navel is attacked will he die. After knowing this secret, Shri Ram shot an arrow at Ravana’s navel and Ravana died. Only after this secret was exposed, Ravana was defeated and a chapter of his evil ended. Let us tell you that this story is not just this. It is also related to Ravana’s wife Mandodari. Who had told this secret, which later became the cause of Ravana’s death?


Lord Brahma had given this boon

Once Ravana, Kumbhakarna, and Vibhishana performed severe penance to Brahmaji. Brahma was very pleased with the rigorous penance of the three and asked for a boon. After which Ravana asked for immortality as a boon from Brahma. Brahmaji was helpless with this boon and said that no creature could be given the boon of immortality. So you asked for some other boon, but Ravana remained adamant.

Due to Ravana’s stubbornness, Brahmaji gave him a special type of arrow and said that only with the strike of this arrow can you face death. Apart from this, you will not die from any weapon. Ravana now knew that only this arrow could kill him. Therefore Ravana got that arrow stuck in the wall near the throne of his palace. Whenever he sat on his throne, he knew where the arrow was. But apart from Ravana, only his wife Mandodari knew this secret.

Mandodari had revealed the secret in this way

When Shri Ram failed to kill Ravana in the war, Vibhishana told him that there was an Amrit paan in Ravana’s navel. Which can be pierced only by the arrow given by Lord Brahma. But Vibhishana did not know where those arrows were.

The responsibility of knowing this secret was entrusted to Hanumanji. Hanuman Ji took the form of an astrologer and went to Lanka and started telling the future to the people. Hearing their discussion, Mandodari also came to know her future. Where Hanuman, who became an astrologer, said that Ravana was in trouble due to the arrow given by Brahma.

So directly or indirectly Mandodari was also the reason behind Ravana’s death

Then Mandodari said that this cannot happen, that arrow is safe behind the pillar of the throne. After finding out this secret, Hanumanji went to that place brought the arrow, and handed it over to Shri Ram. Then what… God killed Ravana with the same arrow. In this way, the prediction made by Hanuman Ji as an astrologer proved to be correct.

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