How Narad Muni born and became Devarshi ?


Everyone has heard the name, Narad Muni. Every year Narad Jayanti is celebrated on Krishna Paksha Dwitiya of Jyeshtha month. According to Hindu scriptures, Narada is considered one of the Mana’s sons of Brahma. You will find their stories in each of the Puranas. Let us know in brief what was the secret of his power and what is his story.

Son of Brahma

According to Hindu beliefs, Narada Muni was born from the lap of Brahma, the creator of the universe. According to the Brahmavaivarta Purana, he was born from the throat of Brahma. Devarshi Narad is considered the teacher of Maharishi Vyas, Maharishi Valmiki, and Mahagyani Shukdev. It is said that Naradji taught 10 thousand sons of Daksh Prajapati to retire from the world.

Sage of Gods

Narad Muni is called Devarshi because of being the sage of the gods. Narada is honored as Acharya in the famous Maitrayani Samhita. In some places, Narada is also described as a disciple of Brihaspati. In the Atharvaveda too, there is mention of a sage named Narada several times. He is also mentioned in the legend of Lord Satyanarayan.

He made many significant moves

Narad Muni got Bhrigu’s daughter Lakshmi married to Vishnu. By persuading Indra, Urvashi got married to Pururva. Mahadev got Jalandhar destroyed. The meaning of Akashvani was explained to Kansa. Inspired Valmiki to compose Ramayana. Got Vyasji to compose Bhagwat. Indra, Chandra, Vishnu, Shankar, Yudhishthira, Ram, Krishna, etc. were oriented towards duty by preaching.

Musician and Storyteller

It is said that he had learned music from Brahma. Lord Vishnu explained the various forms of Maya to Narada. Narada is proficient in many arts and sciences. Many scriptures also consider him as an incarnation of V ishnu and thus Naradji is Trikaldarshi. He is considered Vedant-loving, Yoginishtha, Music Shastri, Medicine knower, Acharya of Shastras, and Chief of Bhakti Rasa. Devarshi Narad is considered a great scholar of many scriptures like Shruti-Smriti, Itihaas, Puranas, Grammar, Vedanga, Music, Astro-Geography, Astrology, and Yoga.


Writer and Philospher

Narad Muni Bhagwat is the Devarshi who paved the way and ‘Pancharatra’ is the main book composed by him. By the way, the famous Narad Puran with 25 thousand verses has also been composed by him. Apart from this, ‘Narada Samhita’ is an excellent book on music. In the ‘Bhakti Sutras of Narada’, he describes the glory of devotion to the Lord. Apart from this, along with Brihannardiya Upapurana-Samhita-(Smritigranth), Narad-Parivraj Kopanishad, and Naradiya-Shiksha, many stotras are also available.

Devotee of Vishnu and Time traveller

Narada is considered a devotee of Vishnu and has the boon of being immortal. By the grace of Lord Vishnu, he can appear anywhere in all ages and all three worlds. It is also believed that on the strength of Laghima Shakti, he used to move in the sky. Laghima means small and Laghu means moving in the sky with the perception of a substance like light cotton. There is also a theory of time travel. In ancient times, many Hindu deities like Sanatkumar, Narad, Ashwin Kumar, etc used to time travel. Many such incidents are mentioned in Vedas and Puranas.

World’s first Journalist

Devarshi Narad has the distinction of being the world’s first journalist or first correspondent because Devarshi Narad started journalism by exchanging dialogues while traveling from this world to that world. In this way, Devarshi Narad is the first man / Purodha Purush / Pitru Purush of journalism. They keep wandering or traveling from here to there.

Curse of Daksha to Narad

According to another story, Daksha got angry when Dakshaputras were turned away from the world by preaching yoga and destroyed Narada. Then at the request of Brahma, Daksha said I am giving you a girl child, Narad will be born again when she is married to Kashyap. It is also mentioned in Puranas that King Prajapati Daksha cursed Narad that he would not be able to stay anywhere for more than two minutes. This is the reason why Narad often travels.

It is said that Lord Vishnu explained the various forms of Maya to Narada. Once during the journey, Narad attained femininity by taking a bath in a lake. Narada in female form lived as the wife of King Taljung for 12 years. Then by the grace of Lord Vishnu, he again got a chance to bathe in the lake and he again returned to the form of Narada.

Narad always praises Vishnuji with the sweet tone of his veena. They always move around chanting Narayan-Narayan with their mouths. Narad also always helps the devotees of his adorable Vishnu. It is believed that it was Narad who inspired devotees like devotees Prahlad, Ambareesh, and Dhruva to follow the path of devotion.

Curse of Brahma

It is said that Naradji taught 10 thousand sons of Daksh Prajapati to retire from the world while Brahma wanted to mount them on the path of creation. Brahma again cursed him. With this curse, Narad was born in the Gandharva yoni on Gandhamadan mountain. Naradji’s name in this yoni was Upabarhan. It is also believed that Naradji was a Gandharva named Upabarhan in the past. It is said that he had 60 wives and being handsome, he was always surrounded by beautiful women. That’s why Brahma cursed him to be born in Shudra’s yoni.

After this curse, Narada was born to a maidservant of the Shudra class. The father died as soon as he was born. One day his mother also left this world due to a snake bite. Now Narad ji is left alone in this world. At that time his condition was only five years old. One day during Chaturmas, saints stayed in their village. Naradji served the saints a lot. He got knowledge by the grace of saints. When the time came, Naradji left his five physical bodies and at the end of the Kalpa, he incarnated as Brahmaji’s Manas son.

He gave curse to lord Vishnu

According to Tulsidasji’s Balakand of Shri Ramcharit Manas, Naradji got proud that he has conquered the work. God once created a city with his Maya, in which a beautiful princess’s swayamvar was going on. It is given in the story. Naradji went to God and asked for his beautiful face so that the princess would like him. But for the good of his devotee, the Lord gave Narad the mouth of a monkey. In Swayamvara, the princess (Lakshmi herself) took the Lord as a groom. When Naradji saw his face in the water, his anger flared up. Naradji cursed Lord Vishnu that he too would have to suffer the separation of his wife and that only the monkeys would help him.

About Narad Jayanti

According to the Puranas, Brahma asked Narad to participate in the works of creation and marry him, but he did not obey his father Brahma, and continued to worship Vishnu. Then in anger, Brahmaji cursed Devarshi Narad to remain unmarried for life.

Finally, on the day of Narada Jayanti, Narad Muni is worshiped only after worshiping Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Gita and Durga Saptashati should be recited on this day. On this day, in the temple of Lord Vishnu, one should donate food and clothes by offering a flute to Lord Krishna.

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