How many types of Eras are there ?


The meaning of Eras is that a certain period is called Yuga. There are 4 types of Eras or Yuga- Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparayuga, Kaliyuga. All these ages have their importance. Their time and duration are different. According to the scriptures, God is born in every era. All ages are the same. First, there is Satyug and in the present time, there is an expansion of Kalyug. Today, in this article, we will tell you about the four eras and how many times a man takes birth in one era.

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Satyuga is also known as Kritayuga. Its duration is 1728000 years. There were four religions in the golden age. The name of the pilgrimage place of Satyug is Pushkar. It is said that in Satyuga, the percentage of virtue was 100% and there was no trace of sin. The currency of this era used to be gems and vessels of gold.


According to beliefs, there was a camp of souls on earth in this era. In Satyuga, people used to live for one lakh years. It is also said that in this era people could live according to their wish.
The most unique thing is that in Satyuga people used to be 32 feet tall. Vamana and Parshuram were the incarnations of Lord Vishnu in this era.


This is the second era. According to the scriptures, Treta-yuga begins on the third day of Shukla Paksha of Vaishakh month. There were 12,96,000 years in this era. There were 3 phases of religion in this era. Naimisharanya is the pilgrimage center of Tretayuga. In this era, the amount of sin was 25% and the amount of virtue was 75%.

The currency of Treta Yuga was gold and the vessels of this era used to be of silver. Lord Shri Ram was born in this era. In this era, Shri Ram ji had killed Ravana. In this era, people could live for 10000 years.

Dwapar Yuga

This is called the third age. According to theology, the beginning of this era was the full moon of the month of Magha. There were 2 phases of religion in this era. Dwaparayuga was of 864000 years. The name of the pilgrimage of the Dwapar era was Kurukshetra. Shri Krishna was the incarnation of this era. In Dwaparayuga, when the pot of Kansa’s sins was full, Shri Krishna killed Kansa by coming in the form of Narayan. In this age, both virtue and sin were equal partners .

The utensils used to be copper, and the currency used to be silver. According to the scriptures, it is said that as sin was increasing in age, the duration of survival was also decreasing. In this era, people started living only for 1000 years.


This Kaliyug is going on at present. This era started from the Trayodashi of the Krishna Paksha of the month of Ashadha. In this era, only one phase of religion is left. Ganga is the place of pilgrimage of Kalyug. In this era, sin has become the rule, there is no virtue left. People are filling the pot of their sins by cheating, embezzlement, murder, etc. The currency of this era is of iron and the vessels are of clay.

Let us tell you that “Kalyug is the only era in which a man is born more than 45 times. Man lives for 100 years.” According to religious scriptures, at the end of Kalyug, Lord Krishna will incarnate as Kalki and destroy all the sinners.

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