How Food Never Got Wasted During The Mahabharat War?

How Food Never Got Wasted During The   Mahabharat War?

You Obviously know about the Mahabharat war fought between dawn to dusk for 18 days among the Pandav’s and the Kauravas.

According to history, the Mega Worst hit wars are about destruction at both ends, death, and bloodshed. The victory majorly, But do you know who was cooking food during the war. The Kingdom that didn’t take part in the war and Mainly How No food was wasted a single day!

An Insight of The Warfield in Mahabharat War

How Food Never Got Wasted During The   Mahabharat War?

In the Battle, 1 Akshouhini = 21870 Elephant + 21870 Chariot + 65610 Horse + 109350 Foot Soldiers making it a total of 3,936,600 Soldiers. (This is the Count of 1 Akshouhini Sena) . Here the Pandavas had 7 Akshouhini Sena whereas the Kauravs has a massive 11 Akshouhini! There were a total of 66,922,200 soldiers who took part in the war.

How was food given to such a massive number? Even the Death of the Soldiers from both the clans by the evening didn’t result in the wastage of food.

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The Kingdom / State Which Didnt Take Part in The Mahabharat War:

The entire Arya Kingdom or every kingdom in India has participated in the Mahabharat war as we all know. The kingdoms participated with the Kaurav’s or the Pandav’s respectively. Two people didn’t take part in the battle even if their clan were a part of the war.


Yes, they are Balaram and Rukmi.

They didn’t want to participate in the war because they felt this war to be useless and they couldn’t decide whose team they will get into.

In entire India, there was also a kingdom that didn’t take part in the battle. This is the Southern Kingdom of Udupi, The King Udupi Naresh had agreed to the war and proceeded to Kurukshetra According to the Mahabharat epic When they reached Kurukshetra, Pandavs, and Kauravs were arguing and forcing them to come to either of their sides.

Udupi Naresh and His Kingdom Doesn’t Take Part in Battle and Decides to Serve The Warriors

Situated in Karnataka, Udupi Kingdom – Udupi Naresh Asks Krishna that He cannot decide which team he can fight for whatever the Pandavas or Kauravas. He also doesn’t like the Idea of People from the same family or brothers raging against each other.

How Food Never Got Wasted During The   Mahabharat War?

Udupi Naresh Ask’s Krishna ” Oh Lord, There are so Many soldiers taking part in this war, who will look after serving them food? ” Krishna says He doesn’t have any idea, please do tell if you have an Idea. Then Naresh tells, That He and his Sena will cook for all the Soldiers every day and take care of them. Krishna becomes very delighted and agrees.

There were No wastage of Food A Single Day

How Food Never Got Wasted During The   Mahabharat War?

On the first day of the war, Udupi Naresh had made lots of food for the entire clan and Everyone was surprised to see so much variety. As days passed, The soldiers in both the army were decreasing steadily. Yet, by the end of the day, there was not even a rice grain wasted! this had shocked both the Kauravas and Pandavas. How did Udupi Naresh prepare the meal according to the people who were alive by the end of the day? the next part of the article will tell you.

The Answer Reveals…..

How Food Never Got Wasted During The   Mahabharat War?

On the 18th Day of war, Yudhisthir was shocked to see their victory, despite the Kaurav clan having Maharathi’s like Karna, Dronacharya, and Bheeshma. Indeed Krishna is the answer for the establishment of the Dharma! In the court when all were present Yudhisthir asks The Udupi king ” How did you manage to cook for an exact number of people who were present by the end of the day?

How Food Never Got Wasted During The  Mahabharat War?

The King replied, “It is very simple. Since I am a Krishna Bhakt,  every night I go to Sri Krishna’s tent. Since he likes boiled peanuts, I peel them and after counting them, I keep them in a bowl. He eats just a few peanuts and after he is done, I count how many he has eaten. If he has eaten 10 nuts, I know tomorrow 10,000 people will be dead.  So the next day, I cook that much less. I have done this every day for the past so many days and the calculation has not gone wrong even once.” Since Sri Krishna had given them the job of cooking, the people of Udupi accept it as the blessings of the Lord. And also accept catering as a vocation. He is also the presiding deity of the town.

This is How Udupi Naresh becomes the Hero of the Mahabharat war, Indeed Udupi people are still great caterers to date and this legacy started from the epic tale itself!

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