How did Mata Vaishno Devi appear?


Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is one of the holy religious places of the country. It is situated on Trikuta mountain at a distance of about 14 km from Katra in Jammu. According to Hindu beliefs, this temple is known by the names of Mata Rani and Vaishnavi.

How did Mata Vaishno Devi appear?

According to legend, Vaishno Mata was born in Ratnakar in southern India. Her parents remained childless before the mother’s birth. It is said that the night before her birth, her mother had made a promise that whatever the girl wanted, she would not come in the way of it in future. In childhood, mother’s name was Trikuta. Later she was born in the lineage of Lord Vishnu, due to which she was named Vaishnavi.

History of Vaishno Mata

It is believed that Mata Vaishno Devi had incarnated as a beautiful princess in the Netreta Yuga in the form of Mata Parvati, Saraswati, and Lakshmi for the welfare of mankind. They performed penance on Trikuta mountain. Later his body merged into the subtle form of the three divine energies Mahakali, Mahalakshmi, and Mahasaraswati.

The glory of Mata Vaishno

About the story and glory of Maa Vaishnodevi Temple, it is believed that the temple was built by Pandit Shridhar about 700 years ago. Sridhar was a Brahmin priest Shridhar and his wife were great devotees of Mata Rani. Once Shridhar received orders from Divya in his dream to organize a Bhandara. But Sridhar’s financial condition was not good. Due to this he started worrying about the event and stayed awake the whole night worrying. Then he left everything to fate. In the morning people go there to receive Prasad. After which he saw that a small girl in the form of Vaishno Devi had come to his hut and prepared Bhandara with her.


The villagers accepted this Prasad. After consuming this Prasad, people felt satisfied but not Bhairavnath was present there. He for his animals and demanded food. But there a small girl in the form of Vaishno Devi refused to do so on Sridhar’s behalf. After which Bhairavnath could not bear this insult. And he tried to catch the divine girl. But he failed to do so. The girl disappeared. Sridhar was very saddened by this incident. Sridhar expressed his desire to see his mother Rani. Which one night Vaishno Mata appeared to Shridhar in his dream and showed him the way to a cave on Trikuta mountain, which has her ancient temple. Later this temple came to be known all over the world by the name of Mata Vaishno Devi.

Darshan of Bhairav Baba is necessary

There is a religious belief that the journey of the devotees coming to the court of Maa Vaishno Devi is not considered complete until the devotees go to Bhairon Valley and have darshan of Bhairav Baba in the temple. It is believed that the Mother spent nine months in this cave, just like an infant stays in its mother’s womb. Here Mother Vaishno Devi was hiding from Bhairon Nath for 9 months. For this reason, it is called Garbhjoon Cave. According to the story, when Mother Vaishno Devi killed Bhairo, his body remained in this cave and his head fell into the valley. It is said that Bhairo’s body is still present in this cave.

Vaishno Mata will marry Lord Kalki at the end of Kaliyuga

Vaishnavi killed the demon. After that, she returned to Lord Vishnu and said to him that now my work had been accomplished. Now please give me a place within you in your heart. Then Lord Vishnu said, no Vaishnavi, you still have to go to earth and do many important works. Now you protect the religion by taking birth as the daughter of King Ratnakar. I will meet you. After that Vaishnavi was born as the daughter of King Ratnakar and started singing the praises of Ram’s name since childhood. When she became a little wiser, she went to Trikuta mountain and started waiting for Lord Ram. When Ram met Vaishnavi while searching for Mother Sita, Vaishnavi said now take me with you. Then Shri Ram said that I am still searching for Sita. I am going. I will meet you on my way back. If you recognize me, I will take you along.

After returning from Lanka, Shri Ram met Vaishnavi but Vaishnavi could not recognize him, after which Shri Ram said as per my promise, I met you but you could not recognize me, that is why now you are sitting in Katra, Jammu, where before. Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati are present here. I will meet you in the form of Kalki at the end of Kaliyuga. Therefore, Vaishno Mata will marry Lord Kalki at the end of Kaliyuga.

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