How Can We Protect Our Families From Evil Spirits?


By the word Evil Spirits, we know that they are the ones who bring trouble to other people by either killing them or making them do evil things that are against the will of God, by entering into you. But Most of us don’t believe in Ghosts. They don’t exist anymore now. But on the other hand, some people believe in ghosts and wish to see them and talk to them.

Well, Evil spirits are those spirits who do evil things. They wanted to rule the world as God do, but not on the right path but the wrong one. Evil spirits love seeing people die and suffer in their bad times and enter into their minds in doing those acts which do not go in the right direction like murder, disobeying parents, stealing what does not belong to you, greed, or in need of wanting more and so on. It is we who have to protect our minds from going evil and follow what God has taught us to live a peaceful and happy life.

How can we protect our families from evil spirits?


Prayer and belief in God and parents are one’s only hope in getting rid of Evil spirits entering you and making your mind and body evil in doing things that are completely out of God’s law. If one in the family has become evil, other members of the family must protect the whole family from evil spirits and get that spirit away from them.

Let us see the ways on how we can protect our families from evil spirits and make them holy and God’s people.

Do Prayer of God with family

Family prayer is important and it can help everyone from evil spirits. When the spirits come to know that you are praying on daily basis and prayer is common at home. Then they are not bound to touch your house even. No evil spirits like people having great faith in God and much into prayer. They will not even give you bad dreams when you sleep at night.

Prayer can be done any time of the day or full day, as that depends upon the person. But Morning and Evening Prayer is very helpful. So it is better to pray with your family together, which is a more powerful weapon from evil entering your home.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa when you feel negative Energy

It is wrriten in Hanuman Chalisa that “Bhoot pisach nikat nahi aavai, Mahavir jab naam sunavai”. The meaning of this line is All the ghosts, demons and evil forces keep away, with the sheer mention of your great name, O’Mahaveer!! or Lord Hanuman.

If you read Hanuman Chalisa regularly then no Evil Spirit can harm you in any way.

Keep off from movies and songs that are related to Evildoers

Those who are possessed by the evil spirits and follow what they say will hear songs and movies that contain ghosts and spirits making people in becoming evil. If one follows what God has taught us and the songs of God or in other words devotional songs, no evil spirit will harm you in any way. They won’t even touch you.

Many people like movies about exorcism and ghosts. But such videos when watched over some time may enter your mind. These movies help you from doing things that are out of Law and the acts that are loved by evildoers.

Make sure you are in a healthy environment

It is necessary that the area or the place that you live in and around you are safe and completely away from evildoers and have small access to a spiritual place, where you can pray and keep your mind and body holy once in a week. God is always there for His people’s protection and the only things that we, humans have to do are, to believe him and talk to Him in prayers. We should fear Him and know that He is our protector and will safeguard us from all evil spirits that come by. We also have to make sure that the people around us are good and spiritual in all ways.

Evil spirits don’t exist anymore in this world and imaging them that we see them is just in our thoughts. We have to keep believing in God and then no evil spirits will enter us and our home and when we pray together with our family, we can fully protect them and ourselves from all evil spirits.

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