How Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva were born ?


There is confusion in the Hindu psyche regarding Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Do Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh have no father? It is written in the Vedas that what is born or manifested cannot be God. God is unborn, unmanifest, and formless. Let’s get into some deep stories which tell us about birth of Tridev, Tridevi and Universe.

The Birth of Brahmand from Kaal and Shunya Bindu

According to Shivpuran, Brahm is the only truth, he is the changeless God. At that time there was darkness in the universe. There was neither water, nor fire, nor air, then only Tatsadabrahma was there, which is called Sat in Shruti. Sat means imperishable God. That imperishable Parabrahma (Kaal) expressed the desire of the second after some time.

Lord Sadashiv and Shakti came to existence

The resolve to become many from one arose within him. Then that formless God imagined the form with his Leela Shakti, which is the formless Supreme Brahman. Param Brahm means Ekakshar Brahm. Param Akshar Brahma. That Supreme Brahman is Lord Sadashiv. Modern and ancient scholars call him God. Being lonely, Sadashiv, who voluntarily wandered all over, created Shakti from his idol (body), which was never going to be separated from his own body. That Parashakti of Sadashiv has been described as Pradhan Prakriti, a virtuous illusion, mother of intellect, and free from vices.

Shakti took many forms

That Shakti has been called Ambika not Parvati or Sati. She is also called Prakriti, Sarveshwari, Tridevjanani , mother of Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh, Nitya, and Moola Karan. That power manifested by Sadashiv has 8 arms. Parashakti, the mother of the world, that goddess is endowed with many types of movements and holds many types of weapons.

Even when she is lonely, Maya Shakti accidentally becomes many. The goddess of that power took birth as Lakshmi, Savitri, and Parvati

and was married to Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Despite having three forms, she was left alone. Durga is the better half of that Kaalrup Sadashiv.

How Vishnu was born ?

That Kalrupi Brahma Sadashiv created the area called ‘Shivlok’ at the same time as Shakti. That perfect region is called ‘Kashi’. That is the place of salvation. Here Shakti and Shiva i.e. Kalrupi Brahma Sadashiv and Durga reside as husband and wife.

In this captivating place, Kashipuri was never freed from the presence by Shiva and Shakti even during the doomsday. While enjoying this blissful forest, at one time Shiva and Shakti had a desire that another man should be created, on whom we should attain nirvana by placing the responsibility of creation, progeny, etc.

With this determination, Shiva in the form of God, along with Shakti, smeared nectar on his left hand. Then a man appeared from there. Shiva addressed that man and said, ‘ Vats! Because of being widespread, your name ‘Vishnu’ will be famous.

Thus Vishnu’s mother and father are Kalarupi Sadashiva and Parashakti Durga.

How Brahma and Rudra were born ?

According to Shivpuran, Brahmaji tells his son Naradji that after creating Vishnu, Sadashiv, and Shakti created me (Brahmaji) from their right limb after trying to reverse and immediately put me in the navel lotus of Vishnu. In this way, I Hiranyagarbha – Brahma was born as a son of that lotus.

I (Brahma) did not know anyone other than that lotus as the father or father of my body. Who am I, where have I come from, what is my work, whose son am I born, and who has created me at this time? Thus I am in doubt.

Fights of Supremacy

Thus Brahma, Vishnu, and Rudra have qualities of these 3 deities and Sadashiv is considered Gunateet. Once there was a fight between Brahma and Vishnu for supremacy, then a pillar in the form of time came and stood in the middle. Then both of them asked – ‘Lord, what are the symptoms of the creation and duties ?

Then Jyotirlinga Roop Kaal said- ‘Sons, both of you have obtained from my two acts named Srishti (birth) and status (upbringing) by doing penance. Similarly, Rudra and Maheshwar, my Vibhutiswaroops, have obtained from my two other best acts of vinash (destruction) and tirobhav (action), but cannot get any other act called Anugraha (grace). Both Rudra and Maheshwar have not forgotten their actions, so I have provided my equality for them. Sadashiv says- Rudra and Mahesh keep vehicles like me, dress like me, and have weapons like me. They are like me in form, dress, vehicle, posture, and actions.’

Sadashiv explained the 5 elements

Kalrupi Sadashiv says that I have preached my Swaroopbhut mantra in the past, which is famous as Omkar because first of all Omkar i.e. ‘Om’ appeared from my mouth. Omkar is the reader, I am the reader and this mantra is my form and I am it. By remembering Omkar every day, I am always remembered. Akar appeared from my western mouth, Ukar from the northern mouth, Makara from the southern mouth, Vindu from the eastern mouth, and Naad from the middle mouth. This is the expansion of Omkar consisting of 5 elements (Panchabhoot).

Actual fact & Confusion

Now there are 7 souls here – Sadashiv from Kaal Brahm (Time), Durga from Sadashiv. Sadashiv-Durga to Vishnu, Brahma, Rudra, Maheshwar. This proves that the progenitors of Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, and Mahesh are Sadashiv and Durga in the form of time. These things have been written in other Puranas in a roundabout way, due to which confusion arises. If you try to read all the Puranas and Vedas except illusion, then you will understand. Most Hindus do not know the truth based on fabricated popular beliefs.

From Reference of Shivpuran and Devi Bhagwat Puran

In the first canto of Devi Bhagwat Purana, published by Gitapresh Gorakhpur, Naradji is told that what you are asking is the same question my father Brahma had asked Devadhidev Sri Hari (Vishnu) who is the lord of the world. Lakshmiji remains in the service of that Devadhidev (God of Gods). The one is decorated with the Kaustubha gem, which has conch, mace, and disc, and has four arms. They wear Pitambar. The symbol of Shreevatsa keeps shining on the chest.

Once seeing this Devadhidev doing penance, Brahmaji asked him God you two are the God of all Gods. Despite being the ruler of the whole world, you are sitting in a tomb? Which god are you meditating on?

Biggest power is Devi Parashakti

After listening to Brahmaji’s humble words, Lord Shri Hari said to him – Gods, demons, and humans all know that you create, I maintain and Shankar destroys. But still, the transcendental men of the Vedas prove with their trick that this ability to create, maintain and destroy that we have got, its presiding deity is Shaktidevi. Being under that power, I sleep on the bed of this Sheshnag and wake up as soon as the opportunity comes to create. I am always engaged in doing penance because I can never be free from the rule of that power.

Whenever i get an opportunity, you get the good fortune of spending the opportunity with Lakshmi. Sometimes I keep fighting with the demons and it becomes my ultimate duty to pacify the monstrous bodies of the demons who fear the whole world. I live under that power in all respects and do all his work. Brahmaji, in my knowledge there is no other deity greater than that Bhagwati Shakti. Even Shiv is Shav without this Shakti. She is Kaali , Mahakali.

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