How Alum is used in astrological remedies ?


Most people use Alum, also called Fitkari to purify water. Some also use it as a home remedy for health and beauty. Like its use helps in getting rid of dental problems and facial wrinkles. But do you know that alum has been given a lot of importance in astrology also. According to astrology, you can overcome many problems in life by using some special remedies using alum. This includes everything from bringing happiness and positivity in life to strengthening the financial condition. At the same time, it can also remove Vaastu defects. So let us know these measures in detail.

These alum remedies will bring happiness in life –

Freedom from Debt

If you are troubled by debt and want to get rid of it, then bring betel leaves, alum and vermilion. Now apply alum and vermillion on betel leaves on Wednesday. After this, tie these leaves with a thread. Then go to your nearest Peepal tree. Bury it in the roots of the peepal tree here. By doing this continuously for 3 Wednesdays one gets relief from debt.


Freedom from Vaastu defects

If there are Vaastu defects in the house, all the work starts getting spoiled. Vastu defects increase negative energy in the house. To eliminate this Vaastu defect, keep a piece of alum in every room of the house. It eliminates negative energy from the house and transmits positive energy.

Remove negative energy

There is more negative energy in some places of the house like bathroom etc. In such a situation, keeping alum in the bowl eliminates the negative energy there. Then there remains happiness, peace and prosperity in the house.

Improves marital life

If you are facing any kind of problem in your married life, then alum brings sweetness in it. All you have to do is take a red colored cloth. Place some pieces of alum in it. Now hang this cloth somewhere in the bedroom. This will remove all the negative energy between the house and the couple.

Eliminate nightmares

If you are troubled by nightmares, keep a few pieces of alum in a black or blue colored cloth. Then put it under your pillow before sleeping. Nightmares will stop coming during sleep. By doing this you will not have scary dreams. This should be kept under the head only on Tuesday or Sunday.

Remove poverty

If your financial condition is weak then tie alum in a red colored cloth and keep it in the safe. With this the inflow of money will start increasing. With this solution even the money stuck somewhere comes back.

Improves health

If people in the house fall ill again and again, then keep a few pieces of alum in a yellow or red colored cloth. Then place it around the bed in the sick person’s bedroom. This will stop him from falling ill again and again.

For the evil eye

It is said that this is also used to remove the evil eye. For this, rotate a piece of alum seven times over the person whose eyesight is to be removed and then burn it. It is said that by burning alum the effect of evil eye is completely destroyed.

To end the fight

To end any fight or stress at home, fill a jar with water and keep it under your bed. And put alum in it at night. Next day pour this water into the Peepal tree. By doing this the relationships among the family members will improve and peace will be maintained.

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