Historical story of Vishkanya


According to Vedic literature, folk tales, and history, poisonous woman is called Vishkanya, who is made poisonous by giving small amounts of poison since childhood. In ancient times, they were made used to living among poisonous trees and animals. Along with this, feminine qualities like singing, dancing, and music are also taught. They are made experts in all kinds of deceit so that by using them, the enemy king can be killed by deceit.

Vishkanya kills a person in many ways

Vishkanya is used to injecting her poison into the bodies of enemy kings in many ways. For example, the breath of poisonous girls is very poisonous. If someone inhales her breath, he may fall ill or die within a few moments. Vishkanyas can inject poison into the enemy’s body on the pretext of kissing even after keeping the poison in their mouth.

Story of Vishkanya and Maurya Kingdom

According to history, in the context of Chanakya, the author of Kautilya Shastra, it is said that he saved the life of Chandragupta Maurya, the founder of the Maurya Empire many times specially from Vishkanyas. Some of these attacks were also carried out using poison girls. One of those incidents is as follows –


Once upon a time. The minister of the then emperor Dhananand of the Nanda dynasty hatched a conspiracy. He deceitfully sent a poisonous girl to welcome Chandragupta Maurya who had returned from the victory campaign. But as soon as Vishkanya came in front of Chandragupta’s chariot, Chanakya stopped her and asked Chandragupta’s companion King Pravartak to accept this beautiful woman. King Pravartak accepted Vishkanya.

Chandragupta was attacked by many Vishkanyas

King Pravartak was an ally of Chandragupta Maurya in the war. Therefore, according to the policy rules of the state, he was to be made the master of half the state. But as soon as he held Vishkanya’s hand, the sweat on Vishkanya’s hands touched him. Due to this, the poison spread in the promoter’s body and he fell ill. He called his friend Chandragupta Maurya for help. Chandragupta appointed all the doctors of the state to treat him. But the poison had spread so much in the body that he could not be saved and finally, he died.

Some historians deduce from this incident that Chanakya deliberately sent Vishkanya to King Pravartak. They believe that King Pravartak had to die to save Chandragupta’s life. According to the political rule, when a state is divided half-half between two kings, then one day or the other there is bound to be a war between them. But this is just a guess.

Chanakya made Chandragupta eat poision to remain safe from Vishkanyas

After this incident, Chanakya started giving small amounts of poison along with food to protect Chandragupta from the effects of poisoning in the future and made arrangements to increase the amount of poison in his diet day by day. So that if Chandragupta came in contact with any poisonous girl knowingly or unknowingly in the future, he would be safe from her. Thus Chandragupta was completely safe from the effect of poison.

Once upon a time, Emperor Chandragupta was having his meal. Only then his pregnant queen arrived there. Seeing Maharaj eating food, the queen also wanted to have food with Maharaj. As per her wish, the queen took a mouthful of food from Chandragupta’s plate and ate it. Due to the effect of poison mixed in the food, the queen fainted in a few moments.

Chandragupta got his son with poision mark

King Chandragupta called the royal physicians and told them about the sudden fainting of the queen. But no one knew the real reason behind the queen’s fainting. Only then Chanakya came to know about this. They knew why the queen fainted. He immediately called the surgeons and got the child removed from the queen’s womb. The child was saved but the queen died.

There was no significant effect on the boy due to the Queen’s eating poison, but a blue mark had formed on his forehead. Chandragupta named him Bindusara because of the blue mark on his forehead. Later this Bindusara became famous for the expansion of the kingdom and the promotion of Jainism.

In this way, the enemy kings were killed by deceit by poison girls and to protect them, they were also made poisonous by giving small amounts of poison daily by the well-wishers of the kings. So that the poisonous girl does not have any special effect on them.

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