Hela (Hel) – Frightening Queen of the Underworld in Norse Mythology


Hela or Hel is the Goddess of death in Norse mythology. Reigning over men and women who perished without a glorious or courageous death. Her appearance was frightening as half her face was a beautiful maiden and the other half a rotting corpse.

Hela (Hel) - Frightening Queen of the Underworld in Norse Mythology

Hela Family

She is the daughter of Loki (albeit a different incarnation who died during a previous Asgardian Ragnarok) and the giantess Angrboða has two powerful Brothers Fenrir & Jörmungandr. The wolf Fenrir became a Gigantic beast. And Jörmungandr became a serpent who would grow so large that her body enveloped the entire world. The Brothers Fenrir & Jörmungandr

fought against the Gods during Ragnarok.

Why God Kidnaped Hela and her siblings?

Hela and the siblings were kidnapped by the Gods of Asgard, who feared the power of Loki’s Offspring. Fenrir was taken to Asgard where he was chained up under constant surveillance. Jörmungandr was thrown into the ocean. Hela was exiled to the depths of Niflheim the most Icy of the Norse Realms. There in her El Yudnir Palace, she became Empress of the world of the Dead.

Hel’s Realm

Before entering Hel’s realm the spirits of the deceased had to pass through a Crystal Bridge hung by a single strand of hair. Lord Odinsdottir stood on this a powerful giant that allowed the dead to enter But prevented them from leaving the Queen’s territory. Inside the palace was the Elevagar Hall housing the queen of the underworld’s throne. It was there that she welcomed The Souls of Sinners and criminals but also those who had a straw death, the Norse bed material for those who died in bed from old age or illness had a death deemed Inglorious and dishonorable.

Trail of death Happen

Sometimes when the Goddess would leave the kingdom riding a three-legged bestial creature. Wherever she passed there was a trail of death. The Norse believed that when a plague struck a region hella had passed through on her white horse.

Helheim was also watched over by Garm a huge and ferocious wolf that patrolled the kingdom of hell. He had his chest stained with his victim’s blood waiting for Ragnarok to fight the Asgard Gods. The Sinners and criminals remained in a place where there were countless venomous serpents on the ceiling, their mouths dripped poison that burned the criminals in Endless anguish.

Hela rounded up the Unworthy dead for her father he led this virtually endless Army to fight the gods during Ragnarok. Where the disgraced dead faced the Gods and the army of Brave Warriors living in Valhalla.

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