Good and bad evil forces in Christian Mythology


After the death of a human being, the soul leaves the body. According to Hindu beliefs, after leaving that body, a soul waits until it enters another body i.e. rebirth. The importance of the soul has also been explained by Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. According to them the soul never dies, if anyone dies it is only the body. The soul is always immortal, it just leaves one body for some time and enters another. Based on some beliefs, it is said that there are two types of souls – good and bad souls. But apart from Hindu beliefs, some surprising facts have been found in Christian beliefs also.

Mention of demons

There are many demons mentioned in Christian documents who are not only evil but some are also considered good. However, it is difficult to ascertain the context in which these statements have been made. But many such examples have been found where by adopting some process these demons are given shelter in the human body.


Christian mythology

In Christian mythology, there are many ways in which a soul is given a place in the human body. And then that spirit works as per its wish. If she wants, she can kill that person or make him do whatever she wants. In Christian mythology, there are some good and bad demons who, in their way, use the human body as a medium to get their work done.

Knowledge of multiple languages

It is said that this demon has a lot of knowledge about the world. It is believed that this monster knows many languages, that is probably why people call it that. This monster can learn any language of the human world in a very short time. But the disadvantage is that it teaches only bad words related to that language.


Let’s start with the evil demons in whose category ‘Aquil’ is at number one. A demon who is also called ‘Suragat’ according to Christian mythology. This is a demon that can be summoned on Sunday. This monster can go to any extent to destroy something. You can see its bad effect even more when it enters the body of a bad person and not a good person.


The next monster is ‘Eggers’, a human-like monster sitting on a crocodile. It is said that this demon can come in both male and female forms. Although according to Christian documents this demon is old in appearance if it is in female form then it is young and attractive.


The next demon also works as a teacher, whose name is ‘Ronov’. But after entering the human body, it does not give knowledge of any language but of some tricks which prove to be very beneficial. Like how to win someone over, etc.


‘Beelzebub’, which has also been published in many types of films. Its effects were first discovered in the 1600s in a woman who said she suffered multiple seizures. The woman also became a victim of incidents ranging from loud screaming to having sexual intercourse with demons. Later experts found that he was possessed by none other than a demon named Sutan.


In addition to bad demons, there are also some good demons found in Christian documents. ‘Azazel’, which has been made a part of TV serials by many storytellers to date. It was shown what kind of expressions arise when this demon comes into people’s bodies. This devil has been depicted in TV shows like Supernatural, Sandman, Fallen, etc.

Ben Temelion

The next demon is ‘Ben Temelion’ who according to Jewish documents was once found to have entered the body of a princess. It is said that the father of that princess did not know at all what was happening to his daughter, but he came to know when his daughter was repeating the name of that demon again and again. Ben Temelion One of those monsters that doesn’t harm anyone, it’s just a matter of experience.


Asmodeus is a demon who, after entering a human’s body, provides him with stories that he can tell to people about what happened to him. He remembers everything, whatever this demon does to that person becomes a story.

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