Gati decides for person to go in Heaven or Hell


Where some people believe that the talk of heaven or hell is just an imagination, while some people consider heaven or hell to be true. According to those who believe in the truth, the Gati is decided by the Karmas whether you will fall in the underworld or will go to the upper world i.e. heaven.

According to Hindu religion, hell is the place where sinful souls are sent to suffer. After suffering the punishment, the sinful soul is born in other forms according to its deeds. It is believed that heaven is above the earth and hell is below the earth. This world is also called Adholok i.e. the lower world.

Heaven, Hell and Gati

According to Hindu religious scriptures, there are two types of Gati, Agati and Sadgati. There are four types of Agati1. Xinodarka, 2. Bhoomodarka, 3. Agati and 4. Durgati.

And in motion the soul has to go to one of the four worlds. These worlds are respectively 1. Brahmalok, 2. Devlok, 3. Pitrlok and 4. Hell. Creatures go to the above worlds according to their deeds, the path to be found after death.

According to Hindu Puranas, whenever a person dies or the soul leaves the body and starts its further journey, during this time it gets three types of routes. It is believed that the path of soul will be taken after death depends only on its deeds. These three routes are – Archi Marg, Dhoom Marg and Origin-Destruction Marg.

Archi Marg takes the soul on a journey to Brahmaloka and Devloka. On the other hand, Dhummarg takes the soul on its journey to Pitrlok and the path of creation-destruction takes it on its journey to hell. But now the question arises that who is he who goes to hell following this path of creation and destruction.

How is Yamlok and what happens here?

The theist to the theist, the atheist to the atheist, the wise to the wise and the wise to the wise may also have to face hell. Because knowledge, thoughts etc do not decide whether you are good or bad. Your goodness is hidden in your moral strength. Your goodness lies in following Yama and Niyama. Consciousness increases in good people, then they become superior in the eyes of the gods.

Who goes to hell?

Those who insult religion, gods and ancestors, eat vindictive food, sinners, unconscious, angry, lustful and people of downward movement go to hell. A sinful soul suffers hell while alive, even after death it has to live in different hells for a period according to its sins.

Being constantly angry, fighting, always thinking of deceiving others, drinking alcohol, eating meat, violating the freedom of others and thinking about committing sins spoils the mind of a man and moves to the lower world. It seems and after death he automatically falls into hell.

Hell according to Garuda Purana

In the Garuda Purana, the condition of hells under the underworld has been told in which the sinful creatures are thrown. Thus the number of hells is fifty five crores; But among them there are 36 chiefs hells.


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