Favorite Flowers of Hindu Gods (Which God loves which flowers?)


Hindu God & their Favourite Flowers

Flowers are a priceless gift of nature. The different flower has special significance in the Hindu religion. Religious rituals, Worship, Aarti, etc. are considered incomplete without flowers. Although any flower can be offered to any Hindu God, some flowers are very dear to a particular God. The description of these flowers is found in various religious texts. Deities are pleased by offering flowers of their choice and can fulfill all the wishes of the seeker.


Today we are telling you which flowers should be offered in the worship of which Hindu God

Shri Ganesha

According to the Achar Bhushan Granth, all types of flowers can be offered to Lord Ganesha except Tulsi Basil. It is also written in Padmapuran Achar Ratna that ‘‘न तुलस्या गणाधिपम (Na Tulsya Ganadhipam)’ means never worship Lord Ganesha with Tulsi.

There is a tradition of offering Durva Grass to Ganesha. Durva is very dear to Ganesh Ji. If there are three or five leaves on the upper part of Durva, it is very good.


Flowers of Dhatura, Harsingar, and white flowers of Nagkesar (Mesua Ferrea), dried lotus Gatte seeds, Cascabela Thevetia (Kaner), Kusum, Sodom apple (Aak), Kush, etc. offered to God Shiva.
Kewda and Ketaki (umbrella tree) flowers are not offered to Lord Shiva.


The flowers of Lotus, Moulsiri, Juhi, Kadamba, Kewda, Jasmine, Ashok, Malti, Vasanti, Champa, and Vaijayanti are very dear to God Vishnu.
Lord Vishnu is pleased very soon by offering Tulsi Dal (Sweet Basil). Lord Narayana is especially pleased by worshiping with Ketaki flowers (umbrella tree) in the month of Kartik.

Surya Narayan

Surya Dev is worshiped with the flowers of Kutaja. Apart from this, the flowers of Kaner, Kamal, Champa, Palash, Aak, Ashok, etc. are also dear to Surya Narayan.

Sri Krishna

In Mahabharata While mentioning his favorite flowers to Yudhishthira, Shri Krishna says – I love the flowers of Kumud, Karvi, Chanak, Malti, Palash, and Vanmala.

Maha Gauri

The flowers offered to Lord Shiva are also dear to Maa Bhagwati. Apart from this, flowers of Bela, White lotus, Palash, and Champa can also be offered to Maa Gauri.

Maa Lakshmi

Lotus is the most beloved flower of Maa Lakshmi. Ma Lakshmi can also be pleased by offering yellow flowers. The Red rose flower is also very dear to Maa Lakshmi.

Hanuman Ji

Bajranbali loves red flowers very much. Therefore, flowers like red roses, red marigolds, etc. can be offered to Hanuman Ji.

Maa Kali

Maa Kali like the hibiscus flower (Gudhal flower) very much. It is believed that by offering 108 red hibiscus flowers to Maa Kali wishes are fulfilled.

Maa Durga

Flowers of red rose and red hibiscus are best to offer Maa Durga.

Maa Saraswati

White or yellow flowers are offered to please Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of Knowledge. Maa Saraswati is also pleased with white roses, white Kaner, or yellow marigold flowers.

Shani Dev

Blue Lajwanti flowers should be offered to Shani Dev, Apart from this, Shani Dev gets pleased soon by offering any blue or dark-colored flowers.

Usually, flowers are offered to the deity with the flower held in their hands, we shouldn’t do that. Offering flowers should be kept in a holy vessel and From this pot, it should be offered to the deities.

Things to keep in mind

  • Never worship God with dry and stale flowers.
  • The belief about the lotus flower is that this flower does not stale even for ten to fifteen days.
  • According to the scriptures, Bilva leaves which are dear to Shiva are not considered stale for six months, Therefore, after sprinkling it with water, it can be offered again to the Shivling.
  • Basil leaves are not considered rancid for 11 days. Its leaves can be re-offered to God by sprinkling water on them every day.

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