German Mythological Creatures from folklores


The Ancient Germanic culture existed during the middle ages in Northern and Western Europe. And, undoubtedly they contain some of the oldest, sometimes scariest mythological creatures around. German mythological creatures are some of the oldest and most monstrous figures that humans have encountered.

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Drude is a German Mythological creature that is more fearsome and scary. It’s kind of a malevolent nocturnal spirit and is associated with spirits as well. The Drude was considered a specific class of demons in Alfonso de Spina’s hierarchy. And, the word “Drude” is also used as a generic term for “witch” in the 16th century.  

Knecht Ruprecht

It is the companion of Saint Nicholas as described in the folklore of Germany. These Knecht Ruprecht act as a foil to the benevolent Christmas gift-bringer Santa Claus to be precise. What distinguishes them from Santa Claus was their threat to thrash or abduct disobedient children. If the children are good, they will receive gifts, and if they are behaving badly then they get nothing or sometimes even threatened. Ruprecht used to wear a black or brown robe with a pointed hood. You can see him carrying a long staff and a bag of ashes. When he goes on occasion, he wears little bells on his clothes. He rides on a white horse, and fairies also accompany him.


Bean Nighe

She is a washerwoman with a crones-like appearance and webbed feet. The Bean Nighe used to wait alongside rivers for people to pass. And, then the Bean Nighe acts as a portent of doom to anyone who sees her as it was a warning of their demise. According to the folks, she used to appear as a beautiful young woman, obviously depending on the situation.  


This word is a variation of “elf”. The Alps are unique creatures in German folklore and they appear in nightmares in the middle of the night. These Alps are claimed to be the demons. Usually, they appear during a victim’s dream as sleep paralysis happens to you. They continue to haunt the people by creating and showing them nightmares. As they have a horrifying appearance and can transform into butterflies, pigs, cats, snakes, or dogs. They are known to shape-shift.


Krampus is this horned and scary-looking, anthropomorphic creature. Moreover, it is quite hairy with either black or brown and has cloven hooves as well. The Krampus is like a big, scary goat that walks on its two legs. The Krampus is usually seen carrying chains for thrashing just for intimidation.  


In German folklore, this is some sort of vampire. Not, actually vampires, they are a hybrid between vampires and ghouls. These are the creatures that come to life after death. Usually, Nachzehrer comes into existence when a person dies because of unnatural things like suicide or accidental deaths. They do not suck blood but they do devour the bodies of the family members and the loved ones, and sometimes their bodies as well. They can even kill you by ringing the church bells that may bring death to all who hear them. Another way of killing was they make you come in contact with their shadow.


 Nachtkrapp usually goes out to hunt from their nest during nighttime. But, you may ask us, what do they hunt? They hunt little children for food. The main reason is children are smaller and easier to carry. They abduct the children to their nests and then start devouring them. They brutally rip their limbs and peck at the body to pick out the children’s hearts. Some people even say that they carry a special bag to abduct the children away with.


The Erdhene is a spirit in German folklore found in the houses in the Alp region and Bavaria. The Erdhenes almost look like the Banshees. But, the appearance is very different from a banshee. He is usually invisible, (, it would, it’s a spirit) and roams around the house. But, if they appear in front of the human, they appear as a shaggy, old, ash-grey hen-like figure with a short neck. The Erdhenne tells about the death within a year.  

Weisse Frauen

In German folklore, one of the popular German mythological creatures is the Weiße Frauen meaning white lady. They are elven-like spirits that may have derived from Germanic paganism in the form of legends of light elves. The Weisse Frauen is a really beautiful creature with enchanting light. Their work was to guard the castles or treasures. Furthermore, they ask humans to break away from their spells.

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