Family Tree of Kuru Dynasty explained


In the Mahabharata, there was a fight between the Kauravas and the Pandavas, but both the Kauravas nor the Pandavas were not from the Kuru dynasty. By the way, Bhishma Pitamah was the last person of Kuruvansh. But according to the Puranas, the last ruler of that period was Nichakshu. According to the Puranas, the Hastinapur king Nichakshu, who was a descendant of Parikshit (in the 7th generation from Yudhishthira), after Hastinapur was washed away by the Ganges, made the city of Kaushambi in the Vatsa country his capital. King Parikshit ended the Kuru dynasty. Let us discuss the Kuru Dynasty.

Kuru King Shantanu

King Shantanu is a major character in Mahabharata. He was born as Shantanu on earth due to the curse of Brahmadev. He was the son of King Pratip of Hastinapur. After Pratip, Shantanu became the king. Shantanu Pitamah was the father of Bhishma and great-grandfather of Pandavas and Kauravas. Next, we will know the beginning of the Kuru dynasty and the story of King Shantanu. According to the Puranas, Atri was born from Brahma, Moon from Atri, Mercury from Moon, and Ilanandan Pururava was born from Mercury.

Ayu was born from Pururava, King Nahusha from Ayu, and Yayati from Nahusha. Became Puru from Yayati. Bharata in Puruvansh and King Kuru in Bharata’s clan and from here the Kuru dynasty started. Ganga accepted Shantanu’s proposal but she asked Shantanu for a singular statement you will never ask me any question no matter what I do, you will not stop me. I will go for King Shantanu gives this promise to Ganga and marries Ganga.

 After some time Ganga gave birth to a beautiful son from her womb. After birth, Ganga takes her son and goes to the banks of the Ganges. Seeing Ganga going to the shore with her son, Shantanu also follows her. Ganga herself drowns her son in her water. Shantanu was watching this but Shantanu could not do anything because he was committed.

Birth of Bhishma Pitamah

 Just like this, one by one, Ganga drowns the sons born from her womb in her water, Shantanu was unable to do anything except watch silently standing on the bank. He was suffering like a helpless fish because the hook of his word was stuck around his neck. They could not ask Ganga anything. In due course of time, Ganga gives birth to her eighth son. Ganga takes her eighth son and goes to shed it in her waters. Then Shantanu also follows Ganga. This time Shantanu cannot tolerate this and stops Ganga from doing so. Ganga speaks – You are committed Maharaj ! In reply, Shantanu says that the one who promised you was a Chakravarti Samrat but the one who is stopping you is a father. You have killed my son one by one but now I will not let this eighth son of mine die.


Shantanu asked the question and broke his promise. Ganga answered Shantanu’s question and took her son with her saying to Shantanu that she will return her eighth son to him when the time comes. After the departure of Ganga, Shantanu’s life became meaningless, he lost his direction. The only thing left in his life was the hope of seeing his son Devvrat. Shantanu goes to Ganga and asks Ganga to walk back to the palace but Ganga could not do it. Ganga hands over her son Devvrat to Shantanu and walks out of Shantanu’s life forever. Seeing Devvrat’s bravery and courage over time, Shantanu appoints him as the crown prince of Hastinapur.

Family Tree of Kuru Dynasty explained

King Shantanu and Satyavati

One day Shantanu was hunting on the banks of the Yamuna. At the same time, he saw Satyavati on the bank, and getting down from the chariot, he went near Satyavati. Shantanu goes to Satyavati and asks her about her introduction, Satyavati introduces herself to him. Shantanu was infatuated with Satyavati. He used to go to Yamuna Bank everyday and cross Yamuna with Satyavati. Once Shantanu proposes marriage to Satyavati.

On this Satyavati says that my father will decide my marriage. Hearing this, Shantanu says I cannot go to your father without knowing your mind. Satyavati tells her mind to Shantanu. Shantanu proposed marriage to Satyavati and went to her father Dasraj. Shantanu proposed marriage to Satyavati to her father Dasraj. Dasraj says that it is a matter of great fortune, but I have a condition that Satyavati’s son will become the king after you.

Shantanu’s worry

Shantanu says – But I have declared Ganga’s son Devvrat as the crown prince. Just think what you are saying Dasraj, I cannot do this injustice to my son Devvrat. I am committed to Devvrata. But Dasraj did not accept this, so Shantanu left from there saying that Shantanu of Bharat dynasty cannot do justice to take away the rights of one and hand them over to another.

Shantanu you were getting worried. Seeing Shantanu’s condition, Devvrat one day asked him why are you so worried but Shantanu did not tell him anything. Devvrat asked Shantanu’s charioteer everything and Das reached Aaj. Das Raj told them everything and put the same condition in front of Devvrat as he had put in front of Shantanu.

 Devvrat says that Maharaj is committed to this matter but I am not, I promise you that after Maharaj only the eldest son of Devi Satyavati and father Maharaj will take over the throne. By saying this, Devavrata takes a vow. It was because of this vow that Devvrat was named Bhishma.

Bhishma pledge

Bhishma had taken the pledge, and Shantanu also could not do anything now. At the same time, Shantanu gave a boon to Bhishma that he will not leave the land of death when he does not wish to. You will live as long as you wish, death will not come to you without your wish. Satyavati gave birth to two sons Chitrangad and Vichitravirya when two lamps were lit in Hastinapur. But instead of being happy, the darkness in Shantanu’s heart kept increasing. Shantanu was now exhausted and completely broken. Shantanu, who had given the boon of euthanasia to Bhishma, was now looking for someone to give him the boon for his death.

Family Tree of Kuru Dynasty explained

Birth of Ved Vyasa, Chitrangad and Vichitravirya

The love of Satyavati and sage Parashara led to the birth of the great sage Ved Vyas. It is said that Dhritarashtra and Pandu were born because of the sage Ved Vyas. Chitrangad was killed in the war, then Vichitravirya became the king. For the marriage of Vichitravirya, Bhishma had forcefully abducted 3 daughters of Kashiraj, out of which Amba was left because of her attachment to Shalvaraj. This Amba was later born as Shikhandi. The other two women Ambika and Ambalika were married to Vichitravirya. Vichitravirya had 2 wives Ambika and Ambalika.

Continuation of Kuru Vansh

Both of them were unable to have a son, so they got pregnant with Satyavati’s son Vedvyas as per the order of the mother. First, the elder queen Ambika and then the younger queen Ambalika went in front of Vyas for Niyog vidhi, but Ambika closed her eyes fearing his glory while Ambalika turned pale with fear seeing Vedvyas. Ved Vyas returned and said to the mother, ‘Mata Ambika will have a very bright son, but he will be blind due to the fault of closing his eyes, while a son suffering from Pandu disease will be born from Ambalika’s womb.’

Knowing this, Mata Satyavati ordered the elder queen Ambika to go back to Vedvyas. This time the elder queen did not go herself and sent her maid to Vedvyas. The maid passed in front of Vedvyas without any hesitation. This time Vedvyas came to Mata Satyavati and said, ‘Mother! From the womb of this maid, an extremely virtuous son well versed in Vedas and Vedanta will be born. Having said this, Ved Vyas went to do penance. Dhritarashtra was born to Ambika, Pandu to Ambalika, and Vidura to Dasi. All three sages were the children of Vedvyas.

Dhritarashtra was born to Ambika, Pandu to Ambalika, and Vidura to Dasi. All three sages were the children of Vedvyas.

Pandav was born

Kunti and Madri’s husband’s name was Pandu. When Pandu could not cohabit with his wives due to a curse, he told Kunti and Madri about the practice of ‘Niyog’. Kunti then told that sage Durvasa had given her the boon of having a son by invoking the deities. Then Kunti invokes 3 gods one by one on the power of mantra power and gives birth to 3 sons. Dharmaraja gives birth to Yudhishthira, Indra to Arjuna, and Pawandev to Bhima, whereas Madri, invoking the Ashwin Kumars, gave birth to Nakula and Sahdev on the change of this mantra power.

Family Tree of Kuru Dynasty explained

Kaurav was born

Gandhari’s sons were called Kauravputra but not a single one of them was of Kauravavanshi. Dhritarashtra and Gandhari had 99 sons and one daughter who were called Kauravas. Duryodhana was the eldest of all Kauravas. When Gandhari was pregnant, Dhritarashtra cohabited with a maidservant, resulting in the birth of a son named Yuyutsu. In this way, the Kauravas became a hundred.

Kaurav Sons – Duryodhanan, Dussaasanan , Dussahan, Dussalan, Jalagandhan, Saman, Sahan, Vindhan, Anuvindhan, Durdharshan, Subaahu, Dushpradharshan, Durmarshanan, Durmukhan, Dushkarnan, Vikarnan, Saalan, Sathwan, Sulochanan, Chithran, Upachithran, Chithraakshan, Chaaruchithran, Saraasanan, Durmadan, Durvigaahan, Vivilsu, Vikatinandan, Oornanaabhan, Sunaabhan, Nandan, Upanandan, Chithrabaanan
Chithravarman, Suvarman, Durvimochan, Ayobaahu, Mahaabaahu, Chithraamgan, Chithrakundalan, Bheemavegan, Bheemabalan, Vaalaky, Belavardhanan, Ugraayudhan, Sushenan, Kundhaadharan, Mahodaran, Chithraayudhan, Nishamgy, Paasy, Vrindaarakan, Dridhavarman, Dridhakshathran, Somakeerthy, Anthudaran, Dridhasandhan, Jaraasandhan, Sathyasandhan, Sadaasuvaakm, Ugrasravas
Ugrasenan, Senaany, Dushparaajan, Aparaajithan, Kundhasaai, Visaalaakshan, Duraadharan, Dridhahasthan, Suhasthan, Vaathavegan, Suvarchan, Aadithyakethu, Bahwaasy, Naagadathan, Ugrasaai, Kavachy, Kradhanan, Kundhy, Bheemavikran, Dhanurdharan, Veerabaahu, Alolupan, Abhayan, Dhridhakarmaavu, Dhridharathaasrayan, Anaadhrushyan, Kundhabhedy, Viraavy, Chithrakundhalan, Pramadhan, Amapramaadhy, Deerkharoman, Suveeryavaan, Dheerkhabaahu
Sujaathan, Kaanchanadhwajan, Kundhaasy, Virajass and Yuyutsu.

Daughter: Dussala


According to another opinion, When Arjuna’s son Abhimanyu was killed in battle and the other 13 sons of Pandavas. Abhimanyu’s wife Uttara had his child Parikshit in her womb.

Janamejaya was born to Parikshit. After Janmejaya, Satanik, Ashwamedhadatta, Dhisimakrishna, Nichakshu, Usna, Chitraratha, Shuchidratha, Vrishnimat Sushen, Nunith, Ruch, Nrichakshus, Sukhibal, Pariplav, Sunay, Medhavin, Nripanjaya, Dhruva, Madhu, Tigmjyoti, Brihadratha, and Vasudan were the kings respectively. The capital was earlier Hastinapur and later kept changing according to time. Shatnik and Udayan took place in Buddha’s time. Udayan was followed by Ahner, Nirmitra (Khandapani) and Kshemak and this goes on. But Kuru Vansh ended with Parikshit. Parikshit was the only left King in Kuruvansh.

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