Everything about 84 Lakh Yonis (species) in Sanatan Dharma


What is 84 Lakh Yoni?

According to the scriptures in Sanatan Dharma, a soul gets human birth only after wandering in 8,400,000 births. According to the scriptures, out of 84 Lakh Yoni, the human form has been described as the best because there is a system of rebirth according to deeds. A person who does good deeds gets a human life, but there are many creatures who get a human body only after wandering in 84 Lakh Yoni births.

According to Padma Puran पद्म पुराण

जलज नव लक्षाणी, स्थावर लक्ष विम्शति, कृमयो रूद्र संख्यक:।
पक्षिणाम दश लक्षणं, त्रिन्शल लक्षानी पशव:, चतुर लक्षाणी मानव:।। (78:5 पद्मपुराण श्लोक)

The meaning of the verse is that 9 lakhs of aquatic animals, 20 lakhs of plants and animals, 11 lakhs of insects, 10 lakhs of birds and 30 lakhs of land animals and remaining 4 lakhs of human race. In this way the total number of yonis has been told as 84 lakhs.
Everything about 84 Lakh Yoni (species) in Sanatan Dharma
Everything about 84 Lakh Yoni (species) in Sanatan Dharma

What is Yoni?

It is known to all that the part of the mother from which the child is born is called the vagina. Similarly, there are many types of sub-types in animals, birds, insects, snakes, humans, etc. and it is not necessary that there should be only 84 lakh species because over time many creatures are extinct and many new creatures are also born.
According to Modern Science, about 1 crore 4 lakh species have been told in the journey from amoeba to human. But in Ancient times, sages and sages had come to know without any technology that there are about 84 lakh species.

Does A Single Soul Wander In 84 Lakh Yoni Births?

There are many types of motions after someone’s death, which are based on his events, actions, and thoughts. In the Vedas, Upanishads, and Gita, 8 types of movement have been described, which are divided into two parts.

  1. Agati
  2. Gati

Man does not get salvation in this, rather he has to be born again in this land of death.


In this, the soul has to leave the world of death and take birth in some other world.

Types of Agati

1- SHINODRAK- In this, Soul is reborn in this life as a pious soul and leads a Saintly life.

2- BHUMODRAK- In this, he attains a life full of opulence. In this, he goes down to the lower or animal life.

3- MISERY- In this, he finds the life of moths or insects.

Four Types of Gati

  1. Brahmalok,
  2. Dev Lok,
  3. Pitra Lok and
  4. Narak Lok

A soul goes to one of these worlds according to its deeds. According to the scriptures, the soul travels to the Udoh or Adoh world through 3 routes.


Here is the path to travel to Brahmaloka or Dev Lok.

2- Dhoom Marg

This route is for the journey of Pitru Lok. There is a ray named Ama in the rays of the Sun, through which the ancestors keep coming to the Pitripaksha.

3-Utpatti Vinash Marg

Here the path is meant for the journey to hell. This journey is like a very bad dream.

Whenever a person dies and the soul leaves the body, it starts its onward journey there. Then he also gets these three routes.

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