Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?


We all know about Ghatotkacha who is an important character in Mahabharata, but lesser have we heard about his family? So, before we move on, let’s learn a little about Ghatotkacha.  In This article, you will get to know about his family.

Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?

Ghatotkacha is also sometimes referred to as Utkacha as his head was like a ghatam (i.e., a bald pot) was the son of Pandava Bhima and the Demoness Hidimba. He was born in Kamyaka Forest (Hidimbavan) where Pandavas took shelter to hide their identity from Kauravas in Hastinapur. 

Depth into Ghatotkacha…

Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?

Ghatotkacha was the most powerful warrior. He was a Half demon due to his parentage. He was the Demon King of Hidimbavanam. As he was undefeatable, Ghatotkacha fought on the Pandavas ‘ side in the Kurukshetra War and caused havoc.

Ghatotkacha fights furiously with Kaurava Prince – Duryodhana and was on the victory path so Karna had to kill Ghatotkacha using Vasavi shakti Divyasthra

, a divine weapon which was given to Karna by Lord Indra. A weapon that could be used only once and can kill the opponent. Karna had reserved this weapon to kill Arjuna.

Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?

He has a special ability to change his shape making as small as an atom to as big as ten elephants together. He directly became big after his birth into looking like a full fledged adult.

Ahilawati – The wife of Ghatotkacha

Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?

Ahilawati also called Mauravi, was a Naga Kanya (snake-girl). As per folktale, Ahilavati is the daughter of Vasuki, the sacred serpent of shiva.

In the Epic Pandava Bhima was poisoned by Shakuni and Duryodhana and thrown in a river and the river carried Bhima to Ahilyavati’s kingdom. So, Ahilyavati recognized Bhima and asked her father Vasuki to provide JeevanDaan (life) to Bhima, failing which she would burn herself alive in Bhima’s pyre. Vasuki gave him the elixir obtained from lord shiva, post which Bhima came back to life.

Do You Know About The Family Of Ghatotkacha?
Bhima in the Snake Land

Ahilawati swore she would only marry a man who could defeat her in intelligence and strength where she killed many men.

Shri Krishna recommends the marriage of Bhima’s son Ghatotkach to Ahilawati. Here, Ahilawati wins Ghatotkacha’s heart and the two begin to fall in love. He answers all of her questions. And Thus, they marry each other later and live happily.

Ghatotkacha’s Children

After the Marriage, Ghatotkach and Ahilawati had three children. Barbarik, Anjanaparvam and Meghavarna.

1. Barbarika

Mahabharata’s greatest archer is Barbarik. Ahilawati trained him, Lord Agni and Lord Shiva gave him a bow and three arrows so he could win the Kurukshetra war in one day. Once the target was marked, these arrows would never fail and return to his quiver. As a result of a previous birth curse, Lord Krishna disguised himself as a Brahmin, tricked Barbarika, and finally asked him to give his head as charity during the Kurukshetra war.

According to Puranas, Barbarika was originally a yaksha, reborn as a man.


Anjanaparvam never wore armor in war, as his chest was so hard that weapons broke when they touched him. At Kurukshetra, he fought on the Pandava side against Ashwatthama (the son of Guru Drona), who beheaded him with his vayavyaastra. On the fourteenth day of the Kurukshetra war, his father Ghatotkacha was also killed.


Meghavarna is a powerful warrior and his weapon of choice was mace. He was able to perform magic and was a good fighter. There is no reference of, he participating in the Kurukshetra war, however he is the only child of Ghatothkach who was survived the war. After the Kurukshetra war, Meghavarna was responsible to gain the uncommon horse from the kingdom of yuvanashawa, for Ashvamedha yajna performed by Pandavas.

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