Difference between Pegasus and Unicorn


You have often seen wonderful mythical creatures, the Unicorn and the Pegasus, in magical books, fairy tales and movies. Unicorn is a fabulous horse that is often depicted as white and has a horn on the forehead comes out in the front, while talking about Pegasus, it is also a mythical roman creature, which is depicted as a magnificent flying horse.

In fact, it is widely believed that these mythical creatures exist only in fairy tales. However, the question of whether the Unicorns and Pegasus existed remains unresolved today in ancient legends and written sources.

Was Unicorn an Indian Creature ?

Unicorns were also depicted on ancient seals of the Indus Valley Civilization. Some seals of the Indus Valley Civilization depict a one-horned animal who formerly inhabited Europe, Asia and North Africa. But there are some exceptions to this as well. In ancient times, it was believed that the unicorn is a magical creature whose horn has magical powers, which can cure all kinds of diseases, even make poisoned water drinkable.


Is Unicorn real ?

 Although the unicorn is not mentioned in Greek mythology, it is mentioned in descriptions in the natural histories of Greek authors. It is believed that they found the address of the unicorn in India, which was a distant and sublime area for them. Its earliest description has been received from Megasthenes who in his book “Indica” described these creatures as wild donkeys with great agility in their feet and having a horn which was 28 inches in length and whose color was white, red and black.


Apart from this, writers like Strabo, Pliny the Younger, and Cosmas Indicopleustes etc have also mentioned it in their descriptions. Several places in the Bible refer to an animal named Re’em, which is often translated as unicorn in other versions. Although a creature called the qilin in Chinese mythology is sometimes called the “Chinese unicorn”, it is an animal that looks less like a unicorn and has a body more like an antelope. In European folklore, the unicorn is often depicted as a white horse or goat-like animal with long horns and cloven hooves (sometimes a goat’s beard).

Who is Alicorn ?

Sometimes the unicorn is shown to have large wings so that it miraculously appears to fly in the sky, giving it the name winged unicorn, but in some literature it is referred to as an Alicorn. Alicorn, meaning “horn of the unicorn” in Latin, is said to be able to purify water and heal diseases. The Alicorn resembles both the unicorn and the pegasus, having the same horns as the unicorn and the wings of the pegasus.


Real Roman Greek Creature – Pegasus

Talking about Pegasus, you must have seen the flying horse in stories, it was named Pegasus, in fact Pegasus is the most recognized creature of Greek and Roman mythology. It is usually depicted in white. According to Roman greek mythology, it originated as the son of the Olympian god Poseidon. However, later writers in stories and tales referred to the flying horse as Pegasus, which has very large wings. Pegasus is said to have brought lightning and thunder at the behest of Zeus, the king of the gods.


Difference between Unicorn, Alicorn and Pegasus

The biggest difference between Unicorn and Pegasus is that Unicorn was seen as a mythical creature while Pegasus was believed to have originated as the son of a god. It means it was present in real, according to Roman greek mythology. While Alicorn is mixed creature form of both Unicorn and Pegasus, it has the horned forehead, similar to a Unicorn and has wings similar to Pegasus.

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