Devotee who offered meat to Bholenath – Kannappa Nayanar


In the Hindu religion, there is a description of many devotees of Mahadev. But among them, there was one devotee who did not know any method of worship. He did everything which is against the scriptures and which is considered a sin, but still Mahadev appeared to him. They prove that Mahadev only sees the feelings of his devotee and not the method. His name was Kannappa.

Birth of Kannappa

Many stories are popular about his birth. Originally he was born in a Tamil Bhil family. His father’s name was Raja Nag and his mother’s name was Uduppura. They have great importance in South India, especially Tamil Nadu. He is one of the 63 Tamil saints known as “Nayanars”. His wife’s name is said to be Neela. He was a hunter who supported himself by hunting.

It is believed about his birth that in Dwapar Yuga, when Mahadev tested Pandu’s son Arjun and gave him Pashupatastra, then Arjun prayed to him to become his great devotee in the next life. Lord Shankar gave him this blessing. In Kaliyuga, Arjun was born as Kannappa and became an ardent devotee of Mahadev.

He saw a Shivalinga in forest

Once while hunting, Kannappa went far into the forest. There he saw a very ancient and dilapidated temple. When he reached inside that temple, he saw a divine Shivalinga. Due to his darshan, Kannappa’s mind became filled with devotion to Shiva. He immediately cleaned that temple. The thought of worshiping that Shivalinga came to his mind. But he did not know anything about Shiva worship. Then he thought that Mahadev should be given something to eat and drink.


He offered meat to Lord Shiva

Thinking this they went to the forest and hunted a boar. After cutting it, they took the meat to a plate and went away. On the other hand, he collected some honey from the beehive in a vessel. When he saw no other solution for water, he filled his mouth with water. When he came to the temple with those things, he saw that some dry leaves had broken and fallen on the Shivalinga. He removed the leaves from Shivalinga with his foot. He rinsed his mouth with water and anointed Mahadev. Then meat and honey were offered to them as offerings.

Mahadev was pleased with his devotion

Although his action was not appropriate and all those things were prohibited for worship but his mind was pure. Whatever he did, he did it with complete devotion and Mahadev was attracted to that feeling only. He accepted his offering with a happy heart. Now this has become Kannappa’s daily work. Every day, he started cleaning the leaves from his feet, anointing Shivalinga with mouthwash, and offering meat and honey to him.

Devotee who offered meat to Bholenath - Kannappa Nayanar

Priest noted the unusual things

In that temple situated isolated in the forest, a priest also used to come to worship Mahadev, who was a great devotee of Shiva. When Kannappa came the next day after performing the puja, he saw that there were pieces of meat lying here and there all over the temple. He became very sad and immediately washed the temple with water worshiped it and offered clean flowers. But now he started getting meat in the temple every day. Seeing this, one day they decided to find out who defiles the temple every day. Thinking this he stayed there for the night.

Priest becomes angry

As usual, Kannapa came there and removed the flowers placed on the Shivalinga by the priest with his feet. Anointed them with Kulla and then offered meat and honey on Shivling. Purari was watching secretly from a corner of the temple. Seeing this he was getting very angry. They understood that Kannappa was doing this only out of devotion and not intentionally, but still, they found his action very disgusting.

At the same time, a thought came to his mind that I have been worshiping Mahadev with pure things for so long, yet I have not been able to see him, then how can Mahadev be pleased with someone who worships in this disgusting way? That priest was also a devotee of Mahadev, which is why he created a Leela to break the pride of his devotee.

Kannapa applied herbs to Shivalinga

Kannappa saw that suddenly blood started flowing from one eye of Shivalinga. He was extremely saddened to see such a condition of his beloved. Kannappa applied herbs lying nearby on Shivaling’s eyes but the bleeding did not stop. He didn’t understand what to do. Even the priest who was watching everything secretly did not understand anything. They felt that Mahadev had become displeased with this act of Kannappa and blood was flowing from his eyes.

He devoted his eyes

On the other hand, Kannappa started crying in grief. Then he thought that if I put one of my eyes on it then maybe the bleeding would stop. Thinking this, he took out one of his eyes with one of his arrows and placed it on the eye of Shivalinga. This stopped the bleeding. There was no limit to Kannappa’s happiness. Then blood started coming out from the other eye of Shivalinga. Now that Kannappa had gotten the cure, hence he decided to remove his other eye also.

Then he realized that if he removed the other eye, he would not be able to see anything, then how would he be able to put the eye in the right place? Thinking this, he placed his toe on the eye of Shivalinga so that despite being blind, he could place his eyes in the right place. Then as soon as he tried to take out his eye with his arrow, Mahadev himself appeared and held his hand.

Mahadev came to bless him

As soon as Kannappa saw his beloved, he fell at his feet. Mahadev cured both his eyes. Then the Brahmins who were hiding outside and watching everything also came inside and fell at the feet of Mahadev. He said – “O Mahadev! I had become arrogant in my mind that I am your biggest devotee. But today Kannappa broke this pride of mine.

It is because of these that I have the privilege of seeing you today. Today I understand that you can be achieved only through feelings, not through any method of worship.”

Then Mahadev blessed both of them and disappeared. At present, the same Shivalinga of Mahadev is established in the name of Shri Kalahasti Mahadev at a place called Kalahasti in the Tirupati district of Andhra Pradesh. It is believed that Bhaktaraj Kannappa had offered his eyes to this Shivalinga.

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