Cursed Statue of Atlantes, the Goddess of Atlantis


In the depths of history, when the layer-by-layer dust of time is sorted, sometimes such a unique thing comes to the fore that at that time we are left speechless. This incident is of the time around the Second World War. It is about the mystery of cursed Statue of Atlantes, the Goddess of Atlantis.

The mystery that left everyone speechless

It must have been the year of 1944. A ship from Italy was passing through the Atlantic Ocean. The captain of the ship saw something floating on the rising waves of the ocean. It was just dawn and the captain was on his routine inspection.

The flowing object created curiosity in his mind. By ordering his men, he got that thing lifted from the sea in his ship. As soon as he came on the ship, there was a crowd of people to see him. It was a statue of a very beautiful woman made of wood. It appeared to be made of wood, but there was no sign of salt water or any other trauma on it.


She was the living expression of maddening female beauty

There was such a beautiful expression of dazzling female beauty in that idol that everyone presents there was left open-mouthed. Everyone was mesmerized just watching him. Her name was inscribed “Atlanche” on the wooden frame under the statue. After a brief period of commotion, two sailors suddenly lost their mental balance by being enamored of that statue.

The captain of the ship was wise. He did not take long to understand the seriousness of the situation. He cast a suspicious glance at the statue and then placed it in a strong cabin built inside the ship, locking it from the outside. The beauty was such that it seemed like a heavenly nymph.

The captain spent the next few nights quite restless. He had never seen such a beautiful and vibrant statue in his entire life. It seemed as if she would speak now and the beauty was as if it had come from some heavenly world. But whatever happened in front of him in a few moments was enough to prove that ‘that idol was cursed‘.

The one who sees such a tremendous attraction loses consciousness

On reaching the port of Italy, the captain of the ship, first of all, got that statue kept in the nearby museum. The attraction of that idol was so great that there, in that museum too, huge crowds started gathering to see that idol. You may not believe but many people went mad after seeing that statue in the museum.

The secret was too deep

Such was the trance that, on October 13, 1944, a German army lieutenant lost his composure on seeing the statue in the museum and started mumbling in front of it, and in no time, taking out his service revolver from his holster, he committed suicide by firing a bullet in his chest. Now the ears of the museum officials are also raised. However, the executive chairman of the museum did not believe in things like curses. But after the lieutenant’s suicide, they thought of removing her from there. Due to the very rare and unique artwork of that idol, it could not be removed from there.

But that mystery of the Atlantic Ocean remained unsolved.

Although the public display of that idol was banned. Such incidents attracted the attention of scholars from all over the world, but where did that idol come from, and who was its creator the biggest question was whose idol was it, no definite answer could be found to all these questions.

Some people speculated that the statue must have been of an island princess Atlantis, in the Atlantic Ocean, who must have been a unique beauty of her time. Many scholars also see that statue associating it with the lost continent of Atlantis. But just as the stories of Atlantis are still floating in the midst of time, in the same way, this statue too, in the same mist, is desperately searching for someone to tell its story.

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