Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

Indians believe in all kinds of superstitious rituals, no matter every time we do a good deed there are rituals. There’s plenty of rituals we all believe in, but do you know that some are actually not scientifically evident. Well, today I will mention some rituals that might surprise you with scientific reasons!

Belonging to this rich culture, we sometimes lack rationale behind these rituals and brand them superstitious and meaningless, If you are someone who doesn’t believe in rituals, Then reading this article will make you believe in them…

1. Is Someone missing you when you get hiccups?

Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

Do you think there is any logic behind this strange tradition? They say that when someone is missing you, we get hiccups. This has a great explanation, the reason behind this is when you start thinking about someone – it diverts your mind as your mind becomes active and starts wondering- As a result eventually the hiccups stop! interesting science isn’t it?

2. Why do we throw coin in a river or well?

Throwing a coin in a river is a part of our traditions and we all have been doing this for a long time right? As we know it brings luck, Our ancestors made this ritual very thoughtfully! Long ago the coins were made up of copper, unlike the stainless steel coins made today. When these copper coins before being placed in the water beneath, they kill the bad bacteria. This makes the water suitable for drinking and this is why copper coins were needed to be thrown. We all do know how taking copper in indirect supplements benefits our body :))


3. Why Do We Take Curd and Sugar before Doing a task?

Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

You might have experienced this when your mom gave a spoonful mixture of curd and sugar better called Dahi-Cheeni before going to an exam or an important job interview?

Well, Do you know the significance of this? The answer to this is also written in our Indian Ayurveda. A mixture of Curd and Sugar raises the glucose levels in our body, thereby giving you extra energy, secondly, it is called ” Buddhi Vardak” in Ayurveda. Lastly, it is taken before the exam to cool the body and the mind before you write the exam.

4. Why We place 1 rupee extra in the money envelopes?

Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

You have received these Shagun right from your childhood. Ever wondered why exactly is it placed outside the envelope? amount ending with zero means transaction is ended. The one rupee added signifies the continuity of money and for the hope of future exchanges. The coin also marks the presence of Goddess Lakshmi, whereby keeping the negativity and making the giver Prosperous!

5.Why is Fasting So common In India?

When your digestive system doesn’t play a role, that is when your level of Spirituality increases. That is the reason why fasting is called ” Upavas” Upa means coming, and vas means near. Hence coming near to god helps only when we fast. In a scientific study, we can observe that Fasting aids in Health benefits like making our hormones balanced, increasing new cells in the brain, and Finally reducing obesity and triggers weight loss!

6. Married Woman Applying Sindoor significance:

Do you know Sindoor that ladies apply is made out of turmeric, lime, and mercury? It is known to reduce blood pressure and induce sexual desire in women. That is why sindoor is put from the forehead, all the way up which marks near the pituitary gland.

7. Why do we hang lemon and chili?

Common Indian Rituals that are Surprisingly Scientific

You must have seen lemon and chilies hanging in shops, cars, houses, and so many other places. Why we exactly do this is because it wards off evil. Yes, the combination of lemon and chili in these outside restaurants has a repellent effect against mosquitos and other flies due to the heat they release!

And, before many years, there was no vehicle for traveling so men used to walk miles. During then men ate lemon to stay hydrated and the chili gave them protection from snakes. When they used to get bitten by a snake, A venomous snake would give no chili taste whereas the non-venomous snakes gave the spice in their tongue. Interesting right?

Now you know why rituals play an important role in our lives. For more such articles please stay updated on our Curious port website 🙂 Have a great day!

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