Codex Gigas – the devil’s bible


Have you ever heard about Devil’s bible – Codex Gigas? Such a composition has been written in a very short time and inspires one to worship the devil.

Who is the author of this book ?

It is believed that the author had no such desire behind writing this book – devils bible-codex gigas, he just wanted to create a unique creation, but this book came into existence which is famous as Devil Bible.

As mysterious as this book is, there are also some special facts related to it. After all, how such a book would have been created and why it would have happened is still a puzzle. This book was made by a monk, around the time of the 13th century, the historian believes, but the way this book was created, it is an unsolved problem in itself.

Codex Gigas - the devil's bible

Interesting story behind the composition

The interesting story behind whose inspiration this impossible task was done will give you goosebumps. This book, also known as Codex giga, is a fine piece of art, about which no one can even think of in today’s time.

This book named Devil Bible has been written to take us on the path of evil because most of it is filled with devil worship, his invocation, and the lucifer ritual. If people believe, then this book is opposite to the holy bible.

Why so named and why it was made ?

The name of this book was called Devils bible because it was not written by any divine power but through the inspiration of demonic power. As mysterious as this book is, the bigger mystery is about its making.

This book devils bible codex giga was made in just one night which was beyond human capability.
A man who was sentenced to death by a king made a deal to write a very unique book to please the king.

The king also left him to write that book in one night, but when some time passed, that person realized his mistake and instead of resorting to some kind of divine power, he invoked wrong and evil Lucifer.

He made a deal in which Lucifer had to write such a unique book for him that had never been written before, in return that person previously a monk would worship him considering him as his everything, and sacrifice his soul in his name.

Lucifer accepted his prayer and when the person woke up in the morning, there was a wonderful book in front of him. When an attempt was made to read that book, everyone was surprised because it was not a divine book but a book praising the devil. It was a scripture. An attempt was also made to destroy that book, but every time the events that happened with this book used to surprise people. Wherever this book went, that person used to lose divinity and his mental balance used to deteriorate. People said that they saw words coming out of the devil’s bible codex Giga burning. This book is stored in a museum today.

History and Mystery of devil bible

This book was written in the 13th century at a place named the Benedictine monastery of Podlažice in Bohemia, which is part of the Czech Republic. People believe that this book was written as a message for the Illuminati secret society.

Just as the holy bible takes people on the right path, similarly the devil’s bible was written to take people on the demonic path. This book is so big that at least 2 people are required to lift it. Its length is 36 inches, width 120 inches, and thickness is 8 inches. Its weight is also 166 pounds, due to which how this book was finally written remains one of the biggest mysteries ever.

What was the motive of someone behind writing this book and who wrote it, it has not been clear till date? This book has traveled to many places with time, but wherever it has gone, it has become a symbol of bad disorders in people and sowed the seeds of evil in them. This 85 kg book has pictures of the devil on the first page itself which makes it terrifying.

The skin of 160 donkeys has been used to make it and there are 310 pages which are mostly filled with methods related to the appeal of the devil.

The biggest mystery of devils bible

The biggest mystery of this book is who would have written it. People researching this book say that it will take 30 years for a single person to make it. It is impossible for the same type of ink to age and to be written in the same handwriting for so long.

The biggest thing that comes out in the research is that whoever has written it has written it in the shortest possible time in just one night. The reason for this is that the ink used to write it and the handwriting are of the same age.

In today’s era, it is not only difficult but impossible to write a book like the devil’s bible in just a short time.

The secrets of the devil’s bible are not limited to this. The purpose for which this book was written has not been understood to date. Thousands of books must have been printed to write spells like black magic, but who would want to worship the devil directly? Some people believe that there may be an illuminati secret society behind this.

It is believed in the devil’s bible that it worships the devil and this book has been written for him only through some inspiration. Although how much truth is there in this matter, it has not been disclosed, and people also believe this.

Codex Gigas - the devil's bible

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