Can Love of God be measured?


Love of God

God loves his people which cannot be counted but will last forever. We can never measure love of God on how much we keep saying or doing. It can or may be calculated on how much we keep giving them without expecting much from those whom we have given love. God has given love to his people without expecting anything from anyone. As per the Holy Bible, it never said that God loved someone so dearly. But his love for the world is something which we cannot even think of.

It is truly unlimited when we come to know the wideness God’s love has. He loves his people in such a way that he went behind those who went on the wrong path and tried his best until they come to the right path. God loved his people so much that He made the sinner be forgiven for all. The wrong that they have done and taught them the right way ahead to move on. He has only taught his people to love one another and never to hate anyone and not to show anger to anyone. He has told His people to love one another the same way you love yourself and not to treat anyone differently.


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Value of God’s true Love

Only if you love your God as your own you will know the value of God’s true love and will be able to enter the kingdom of God. In the Bible of chapter Ephesians 3 of words 17 to 18, it says that we have to feel and understand God’s love as we all are God’s children. We will never know the height, depth, wideness of His love but have to experience them ourselves by understanding Him as we can never see Him. Once we love Him immensely, we will know how true His love is and will be filled up with God in ourselves.

Can Love of God be measured?

God’s love where humans won’t exists

We, humans, will not be alive on this earth without knowing and getting God’s love and blessings. At some point in time, it is difficult to love people who do not give any value to us. Everyone is not the same in the case of love. As people are different in thinking and acting and in showing love. We have to work hard in looking past our differences finding a way to come to a ground that is made common. We should make people understand that loving one another the same way we love our family, makes us closer to God’s love that can never be measured or has no limit.

God’s sacrifice on his love

Sacrificing your love for others equals the that Jesus has given his people by crucifying himself on the cross, for the evil that he has not done and died himself for His people where He has asked God to forgive those who has done this. We have no right to make His love more than He is giving us and less. His love is eternal and will never end. We can also define the love of God not in the way how we are and what we are but can tell on the love borne by the sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ.
God’s love can never be measured and we are all safe under the love of God. He has taught everyone only to love. His love is very deep that it can reach up to the depth of the sins and depravity. God has never told in Bible that he has shown one kind of love to one person and another kind of life to another person. He has only shown one love to all people living in the world and that He has created. No one is born to live beyond hope as no one can reach the love that God has ever showered upon us.

How to measure God Love

By way of prayer, it is a communication to God. He is never weak to help you and not deaf to stop hearing from you. Whenever you wanted Him, He will always be there and when you dearly want Him, He will send His angels in the form of a person, to save and protect you in anyways. As one believes in God truly and immensely and loves the way He has taught. Then He will be by your side forever, and trust and hope are all that you need to keep yourself closer to God. No one can come the way God has loved his people. His love can never be measured and valued the same way that of others.


So better you don’t have to waste time thinking how much God loves you and how much love can He give us so that we can love Him the same way. That can never happen as His love is deep and cannot be counted as it is unlimited. You will have no words for His love for His people.

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