Bigfoot – real natural species of the earth


Bigfoot is waiting for the destruction of man because he is the real natural species of the earth. Today’s human is a ‘star product’ while humans snatched the earth from Bigfoot and forced them to hide. This is what modern biologists believe. They are called by different names all over the world. In Tibet and Nepal, they are named ‘Yeti’ and in Australia, they are known as ‘Yovi‘. In India, it is called ‘Yati‘.

Origin of Bigfoot

Humans with more hair used to live in forests only. He used to live there in the jungle too, where no one used to come and go. It was believed that humans with more hair had magical powers. Among the more hairy creatures, the name Bigfoot comes at the top. The mystery of Bigfoot is still intact today. According to researchers of ancient aliens, aliens created such a ‘human race’ from their genes, which did not have much hair on the body and which was beautiful. He removed animalism from humans.

Is Earth’s superhuman Bigfoot watching all this?

There have been claims of Bigfoot sightings in the US, Russia, China, Australia, and India. In India, it is called ‘Yeti’ or ‘Yeti’, which is a snowman. Why was he called the snowman after all? Because the Himalayas is the safest place to hide. Yeti is part of the history and mythology of India. Yati is mentioned in Rigveda and Samaveda.


Historical Fact

The first Bigfoot skull was found in 1935 in Hong Kong. It is estimated from the skull that this Narvanar (half human and half monkey) was about 10 feet tall and weighed 545 kg. While attempting to climb Mount Everest in 1951, Eric Shipton reached about 6,000 m above sea level. (20,000 ft) above took photographs of numerous giant footprints in the snow. These photographs became the subject of intense scrutiny and debate around the world.

In 1953, Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay claimed to have seen giant footprints while climbing Mount Everest. In his first autobiography, Tenzing stated that he believed the Yeti to be a giant ape. Though he had never seen it, his father had seen it twice.

Scientific Fact

Scientific research has shown that Bigfoot (Yeti) is either the real human of the earth, while humans are the offspring of aliens, but it is also possible that aliens came here and created a new species by mixing the genes of humans and chimpanzees that we know today as Bigfoot.

But some scientists also believe that the real humans of the earth are Bigfoot and as far as the question of today’s modern man is concerned, it is still a mystery as to how it was formed and who was its ancestor. Humans are the children of those people who came from the sky, who are called ‘aliens’ today. Although some researchers say the same about ‘Bigfoot’.

They believe that ‘aliens’ have created Bigfoot by mixing apes and their genes. This is the result of mixed race and they have been coming from time to time to see this creation of theirs.

Researchers say that the incident of seeing Bigfoot around the world came into the news only when the news of the UFO’s arrival was also in the newspapers. Some people also said that they have seen Bigfoot near the flying saucer. A similar incident happened near Washington in 1980 when a woman saw a UFO landing on the earth and where it landed, we also saw a gorilla-like man.

Scientists believe that it may be an animal from another planet that they have left here as an experiment and which lives in hiding from the human species. There are many long tunnels built near the city of Oregon, USA, where claims have been made to see Bigfoot. The tribal group there believes that Narvanar lives inside these tunnels.

Still a mystry

Similarly, there are many such long mysterious caves and tunnels all over the world, especially in India, China, Africa, Russia, and America, which lead to Hades. Man has not yet been able to find out the secret of these tunnels. 7 types of underworlds of Indian mythological texts are discussed and giant people living in them have been told.

Researchers say that there is truth to the claims people have made about Bigfoot, as they all say the same thing about Bigfoot, a man with big hair and an ape-like appearance. Whenever he appears, a special kind of stench spreads in the air and he suddenly disappears as soon as he comes in front of humans as if he has some amazing power to disappear.

So… scientists believe that either bigfoot are real humans on Earth or they are hybrid creatures created by aliens. If they are hybrid creatures then surely the ‘aliens’ have a motive. Maybe all of them are waiting for the destruction of humans from the earth?

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