Atlantis – most famous mythical place in the world


It is a matter of 3500 years ago. As usual, a long hot summer day was coming to an end…then something happened that no one expected. In the next few moments, Atlantis, which was called the heaven of the earth, collapsed and was submerged. That too in such a way that till date no one has got concrete information about it.

At that time, Atlantis was considered the happiest place on earth. There was abundance of precious stones along with gold and silver. Green fields were spread far and wide on the island. The land was very fertile. There were a large number of animals and birds, so there were also fruit and gardens. The city was divided into five sectors. Thus the governance system was also ideal.

What happened suddenly in Atlantis ?

One day the holocaust came and everything ended. The names and traces of the entire civilization have disappeared. Actually there several calamities struck at once. According to history, when a volcano erupted there, high waves rising from the sea water engulfed the entire island. Scientists’ guess Even after years, scientists have not been able to get to the bottom of this incident. It is only being speculated that at that time a situation like explosion of 500 to 1000 atom bombs had arisen, due to which the entire civilization was wiped out. The annihilation was also on such a large scale that no evidence has been found till date.


The ray of hope is only an island in front of experts in this regard, which was called Calliste in ancient Greek. Scientists say that Calliste is the only relic that holds the possibility of knowing something about Atlantis. However, so far no significant information has been gathered from here as well.

Plato’s description on Atlantis

This story is given by Plato. He was the one who wrote that Atlantis was heaven. There were luxurious palaces and temples, which were covered with layers of gold and silver. The walls and base pillars of the temples were also made of precious metals. Plato also mentions a statue of the god, made entirely of gold. Six horses pulling the chariot are also shown ahead. The idol was worshiped as the god of the sea.


He termed Atlantis as the heaven on earth, but also wrote negative things about it. Plato has said at one place that the kings of the Atlantean civilization attacked other states to expand their empire. They massacred a large number and captured other areas. they just couldn’t get past Athens.

According to Plato, God also punished the Atlanteans for this work. This punishment was in the form of storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes. Atlantis was periodically severely damaged by these natural disasters. One such holocaust came one day and the entire civilization became history. Many historians have questioned this story of Plato. His question is, on what basis should Plato’s statement be accepted as true?

Was Plato right ?

In Plato’s dialogue, the story of Atlantis was told mainly by his nephew Critias, about which Plato’s teacher Socrates himself said, “It is a fact and not a mere fable”. Critias claimed that he had heard this story from his grandfather Dropides, and Dropides had heard it from Solon, who was famous for his honesty in Greek history. Solon was considered the most famous law-maker and the most intelligent of the seven great sages of Greece. Solon lived from 640 BC to 558 AD. Plato wrote this story two hundred years later. Solon said that he had heard this story from an Egyptian priest in 590 BC. Solon was impressed by this great story and translated it into Greek language poetry. It seems that before the Greeks, the Egyptians also had knowledge of the existence of Atlantis.

Plato’s description is less historical and more philosophical. He seems more impressed by the splendor and dignity of Athens. The existence of Atlantis became even more mysterious when Plato’s disciple Aristotle

Considered only a poetic story, but 300 years before Christ, Plato’s first lecturer, Cranter, made the description of Atlantis factual. Philosopher Posidonius (135–150 BC), a few centuries after Creonter, is said to have dismissed Plato’s description as mere legend.

In this way, for the whole 23 centuries till date, the mystery of Atlantis has been surrounded in similar controversies. Religious priests, experts in black magic and rumor mongers fabricated various stories about Atlantis. Some said that the trees of Atlantis used to bear golden fruits, some said that milk and honey used to flow from the canals there. At present, the search for Atlantis continues. It still remains one of the world’s unsolved mysteries.

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