Asavari Devi, the sister of Lord Shankar


Sister of Lord Shankar

Asavari Devi, the sister of Lord Shankar has been described in Shivpuran and many other religious texts. It is said that when Mother Parvati married Lord Shankar, she felt lonely at home and started feeling sad.

Mata Parvati wanted sister in law

This desire began to arise in Mother Parvati’s mind that if she had only one daughter-in-law, she would have been engaged. But she knew that Lord Shankar is unborn, neither he has a mother, a father, nor a sister, due to which she kept suppressing her words in her mind. Lord Shankar was antaryami, he came to know about the mind of Mata Parvati and asked Mata Parvati whether there is any problem. Then Mother Parvati told her mind to Shankar ji that it would have been better if I had a sister-in-law.


How was Shiva’s sister born?

Lord Shankar told Mata Parvati that Goddess, I should bring you my sister and your sister-in-law, but will you be able to get along with your sister-in-law? Lord Shankar said okay, I will bring your son-in-law.

He created a goddess in the form of Maya with his divine power and illusion. This goddess in the form of Maya, Asavari was very pearl in appearance and had huge cracks in her feet. Lord Shankar reached Mother Parvati with Asavari Devi and said to Mother I have brought your sister-in-law.

Why was Mother Parvati sad with her sister in law?

Mata Parvati was very happy to see Goddess Asavari and immediately arranged a bath for Goddess Asavari and started preparing food for the goddess. As soon as Goddess Asavari came after bathing, she immediately started asking for food, then Mother Parvati served food to the Goddess. When Goddess Asavari started eating food, she ate all the food in the mother’s store and left nothing for Lord Shankar.

Due to this Mother Parvati became sad and started arranging clothes for Goddess Asavari, but whatever clothes Mother gave to her would fall short, due to which she started arranging other clothes for Goddess.

How was the farewell of Goddess Asavari?

Meanwhile, Nanda Devi thought of playing a prank on Asavari and hid Mata Parvati between the crevices of her feet, due to which Mata Parvati started suffocating. When Lord Shankar did not find Mother Parvati, he asked Goddess Asavari about Parvati, then Goddess Asavari lied to Shankar that she did not know.

Shankar Bhagwan again asked Goddess Asavari whether this was some mischief of yours, then she started laughing even more and slammed her foot on the ground, due to which Mother Parvati fell after coming out of the crevice of Devi’s feet. The mother became very sad due to this unkind of behavior of Nand and also became very angry.

Mother Parvati told Lord Shankar that it was my mistake that I expressed the wish of sister in law, please send my sister in law to her in-law’s house soon. Then Lord Shankar sent away his Maya in the form of Goddess Asavari from Mount Kailash.

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