Amazing mysteries related to the life of Lord Shri Krishna


Lord Shri Hari Vishnu incarnated in the form of Shri Krishna to stop the increasing atrocities on earth and the victory of unrighteousness over religion. So that mankind can be saved. There were many mysteries associated with the life of Shri Krishna who appeared on this earth. About whom many people do not know. Come, let us make you aware of these secrets related to Shri Krishna today.

Shri Krishna was born in the prison Kansa

God Shri Krishna was born in Mathura in Rohini Nakshatra of Bhadrapad Ashtami tithi during the imprisonment of his maternal uncle Kansa. He was born as the eighth child from the womb of Nemata Devaki. His father was Vasudev. After birth, Father Vasudev left him at Nanda’s house in Gokul.

Gave life to the son lying on the bed and killed demons

Lord Krishna killed demons at the age of less than three years. He had killed the demons Putana and Trinivatra sent by Uncle Kansa at the age of less than three years.

Kansa was killed by Vishnu in his previous birth.

Kansa was Kalanemi in his previous birth who was killed by Shri Hari Vishnu. The first six sons of Devaki were the sons of Kalnemi in their previous birth who was cursed by Hrinyakashyap that he would die at the hands of his father? That’s why Kansa killed the first six children born to his sister Devaki.


Two reasons were hidden behind Gandhari’s curse

After the Mahabharata war ended, Gandhari cursed the entire clan of Shri Krishna to end. There were two reasons behind this as well. Shri Krishna killed Bali in his previous incarnation as Shri Ram. Then he promised Bali’s wife Tara that Bali would be successful in avenging his death in his next birth. In the next birth, Bali was born as a hunter. Which became the cause of the death of Lord Krishna.

Shri Krishna had 16, 108 wives

Lord Shri Krishna had 16,108 wives. But in these only eight Rukmani, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Nagnajiti, Kalindi, Mitravinda, Bhadra and Lakshmana are their royal wives. Rukmani is considered to be the incarnation of Mother Lakshmi. Rukmani had sent a letter to Lord Krishna proposing marriage and requesting him to kidnap her.

How Shri Krishna broke the ego of his wife Satyabhama ?

Among all the wives of Shri Krishna, Satyabhama was very proud. And she was jealous of Rukmani. Once there was a competition between them for Tuladan. Satyabhama had put her entire wealth in the scales. Still, Shri Krishna did not even move the pan. But when Rukmani lovingly placed a Tulsi leaf, the pan on which God sat moved.

Shri Krishna had 80 sons and one daughter

All the queens of Shri Krishna had ten sons each. Pradyuman was the son of Rukmani. Whereas Sambha was the son of Jambavati. Those who were cursed by the sages because of this, the entire Yadu dynasty will come to an end. Shri Krishna had done penance to Lord Shiva to get a son, he wanted a son like Lord Shiva.

Shri Krishna got his sister married to Arjuna

Krishna’s sister Subhadra’s mother was Rohini and her father was Vasudev. Balarama wanted to get Subhadra married to Duryodhana. While Shri Krishna wanted his sister to get married to Arjun. Then they told Arjuna to kidnap Subhadra. Shri Krishna also advised Subhadra to drive the chariot. So that in reality, no one can call it kidnapping. Later Arjun and Subhadra were duly married.

Shri Krishna fought with Arjuna

Once Shri Krishna started fighting with Arjun. Then Lord Shankar stopped their war.Lord Shiva asked Shri Krishna what are you doing? Then Shri Krishna easily replied that he was testing Arjun.

Three people including Arjun heard the knowledge of Gita

When Shri Krishna was given the knowledge of Gita on the battlefield. Then this knowledge was heard not only by Arjuna but also by two other people. Those devotees were Hanuman and Sanjay. Devotee Hanuman sat on the chariot of Arjuna from beginning to end during the war. While Sanjay was blessed with divine light by Shri Vedvyas. Because of this, he was narrating to Dhritarashtra after seeing the incidents happening in the Mahabharata war.

Lord Krishna’s son Pradyumana was Kamadeva

Kamadeva was born in the form of Pradyu Man, son of Shri Krishna. Please note that when Lord Shiva broke his penance, he destroyed Kamadeva with his thrird eye. On the penance of his wife Rati, Kamadeva was blessed to be born in the form of Pradyu Mana. After the birth of Pradyu Mana, he was abducted by Sambarasura and thrown into the sea. A fish inside the ocean swallowed Pradyu’s mind. While cutting that fish in the kitchen, it came out alive. So Mayawati took care of him.Mayawati was an incarnation of Goddess Rati.

Sage Durvasa had also cursed Shri Krishna.

One day sage Durvasa was eating kheer. Shri Krishna was also present. Sage Durvasa offered Kheer to Krishna from his body. Krishna applied the kheer on his entire body except his left leg. Shri Krishna thought that the sage would not pay attention to this. Then the sage became angry at this and cursed Shri Krishna that his left leg would become weak. Shri Krishna also met his end by being hit by an arrow in his left leg.

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