All Wives and Children of Pandavas


The Mahabharata is a segment of the history of India. This mysterious book contains stories of entangled relationships. Draupadi had married five Pandavas. She had given birth to one son each of the five Pandavas at an interval of one year.

Actually Draupadi had married Yudhishthira, Arjuna, Bhima, Nakula and Sahdev but these five brothers had other wives too. Bhima had married ‘Balandhara’, the daughter of Kashiraj, from whom he had a son named ‘Sarvanga’. Before this, Bhimsen had a son named ‘Ghatotkach’ from ‘Hidimba’.

5 sons of Five Pandavas

The name of Yudhishthira’s son born from Draupadi was Prativindhya.

The son born to Bhimsen born to Draupadi was named Sutasom.

Arjuna’s son born to Draupadi was named Shrutakarma.


Nakul’s son born to Draupadi was named Satanik.

The name of the son of Sahdev born from Draupadi was Shrutsen.

Other Wives and Sons of Pandavas


Yudhishthira’s second wife was Devika. A son named Dhaudheya was born to Devika. Yudhishthira is one of the main characters of the Mahabharata. He also has a name Dharmaraj. He is considered a partial incarnation of Yamraj. Born in Yadukul and Chandravansh, Yudhishthira’s father was Pandu and mother Kunti. Yudhishthira was born when Kunti invoked Yama.


Apart from Draupadi, Arjuna had three more wives named Subhadra, Ulupi and Chitrangada.Arjun married Shri Krishna’s sister ‘Subhadra’, due to which he got the distinction of becoming the father of a brave son ‘Abhimanyu’. Abhimanyu was born to Subhadra, Iravat to Ulupi, Vabhruvahana to Chitrangada.He participated in the war in the Mahabharata war and attained Veergati.


Apart from Draupadi, Bhima had two more wives named Hidimba and Balandhara. Ghatotkacha was born to Hidimba and Sarvanga was born to Balandhara. Although he used to live at his maternal grandfather’s place.


Apart from Draupadi, Nakula had a wife named Karenumati. A son named Nirmitra was born to Karenumati.


Sahdev’s second wife’s name was Vijaya, from whom he got a son named Suhotra.

This is how the Pandava dynasty was. According to the Mahabharata, the Pandavas had a total of 13 sons, but their dynasty was destroyed only after the death of Abhimanyu. That is because Abhimanyu was married to Uttara, the daughter of King Virata before the Mahabharata war. Uttara gave birth to a dead child. Which was revived by Shri Krishna as was intended to killed by Ashwasthama.

Parikshit was the son of Abhimanyu. Kalyug started after the death of Parikshit. Parikshit was born with a lot of struggle. Parikshit had to struggle for birth from his mother’s womb because Ashwadhama’s Brahmastra was in Uttara’s womb and Parikshit was saved from the wrath of Shri Krishna. Abhimanyu’s son Parikshit, who was born after Abhimanyu’s death. He was the only surviving member of the Kuru dynasty was a male who carried on the Pandava dynasty after the end of the war.

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