Who was UKTENA?

In ancient history, there were many deadly creatures like the dragons which we never heard of or seen. Many of their uneven shapes can be seen in movies, which we have not even thought of or seen. This Uktena is a horned serpent that is found particularly in the northeastern part of America. They are like giant snakes that are covered with shining scales with sharp horns on their heads and also have a single giant size crystal. UKTENAS are placed on the foreheads. They are water animals that only live in water. These Uktenas have close connections with storms, rain, thunder, lightning, and so on, and it is said that the breathing of these Uktenas is meant to be lethal. They are similar in looking like that of a dragon, but not purely dragons.


American Mythology

There is one important thing that we need to keep in mind when talking about American folklore. There are around 560 federally well-known tribes today and is likely there were more back in the pre-Columbian times. In reality, there is no such thing as a single and universal Native American mythology. But instead, there will be similarities as they interact with each other as is true in the case when we talk about any type of mythologies, and anywhere in the world.



These horned serpents are not always on the bad boys, as they sometimes do have a good heart. They are also considered the source of great power. There was one legend who was within the Uktenas, named Aganunitsi. He was just a powerful medicine man who was captured during the battle with the Cherokee. Apart from being captured, he was made to volunteer to hunt Uktena and to bring the giant crystal to his leader.
When Aganunitsi was commanded, he was from then looking for Uktenas, and by the time he reached this giant, he looked for other monsters like snakes, frogs, reptiles, and so on. He looked for them so that it would be easy to keep track of Uktena being killed. So finally one day he found this giant beast in Gahuti Mountains and kills him and brought him to the Cherokee with the jewel and later got the chance to live with them as an important member of their tribe.

Quality of Uktenas

These Uktenas are also known for their sparkling colorful bands and have a stunning indecent crystal that is placed on their forehead. It is said that a particular jewel is very powerful and many people or creatures face death when they try to obtain any one of them. When you wish to try your hands on one and gets hold of it, it has to be stored very carefully, or else you will end your life in that giant creature’s hands. Another thing is that when you get that part of the crystal, you have to make sure that it has to unwrap it in deerskin and later stored in an earthen pot and have to be hidden somewhere secretly in a cave, or can also be moved around regularly.
Also, you must constantly feed them with the blood of animals and also have to rub it all over the gemstone and once you fail to do so, then the gem will, in no time, fly around finding other forms of blood, even human blood. One day when you or anyone happen to be in front of the horrifying Uktenas, they might still kill you, as they are much larger and stronger than you with the power of their gem.

Certain other facts about Uktenas

  1. They do not shy away from dealing with darker things, and that is more complicated than certain spirits.
  2. Having great knowledge about evil offers them a constant window of temptation.
  3. Uktenas is considered the most cunning and dangerous fallen dragon in ancient times.
  4. They are the guardians of the ones who are not possessed.
  5. From North America to the land of the South Pacific, Uktenas and their kinsfolk build a strong community in preserving their heritage.
  6. They have also practiced ancient crafts.

By now this article must have helped you who the giant creature Uktenas was this creature has ever existed in ancient history but was never known to the world for generations. We never get to know or see these giants now, and even if they have existed, there would be no one existing in this world now, but only creatures and giants.

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