A gambler becomes emperor of hades -King Bali


Do you know how a Gambler becomes the emperor of hades – the great King Bali ! Today we are telling you the same story here.

Gambler Devabrahmin Niyanka

In ancient times there used to be a famous gambler named Devabrahmin Niyanka. He was an expert in deceit, debauchery, great sinner and adultery, etc. Also contaminated with great evils. He had stopped respecting his parents and elders too.

One day, in a gathering, he fraudulently won a lot of money in gambling. Then he made a swastika-shaped be with his own hands and went towards a courtesan to present it to a courtesan after taking ingredients like scent and flower garlands.

Sudden change in his mind

Blinded by money, the gambler’s feet wobbled on the way. He fell to the ground and fainted. That day his abode was about to change. When he regained consciousness, he felt great remorse for his actions, and a sense of disinterest was awakened in him.

At that time he realized the futility of his life. He lovingly dedicated his material brought with him to a Shivling lying there with a pure heart and thanked Mahadev for the wisdom he had given him. Unfortunately, he did not have many days left to live. After a few days, death approached him and the messengers of the other world knocked at the door of life.

Yamraj and Niyanka meeting

After death, he reached the kingdom of Yama through a terrible path. Yamraj cursed him, he said ‘Stupid creature! Your sins are not forgivable. You will have to suffer the punishment of your sins by going to hell.


Filled with remorse, he said to Yamraj that ‘Maharaj, if I have done any good deeds in my life, then at least think about it’.

On this, Chitragupta present there said, ‘At the last moment of your life, you had offered all the material brought with you to Lord Shankar with love and devotion, due to which there was a change in your intelligence.

As a result of this act of yours, you will also get the rule of heaven i.e. the throne of Indra for two and a half hours, tell me which one you want to suffer first?’. Then that gambler said, ‘Please let me get the fruit of my virtue first.’

He wants to experience good first

As per the wish of that gambler, by the order of Yamraj, he was sent to heaven. There in the Devsabha, Devguru Brihaspati explained to Indra that ‘you leave your throne for this person for two and a half hours’. Come here again after two and a half hours. ‘ Indra abandoned that place obeying the order of Devguru Brahaspati.

Now as soon as Indra left, that gambler became the ruler of heaven. The first thing that he understood as soon as he sat on the throne was that ‘that’s all, now there is no refuge other than Lord Shankar, therefore only he has to be followed and worshipped’.

Then he thought that ‘Lord Shankar is a proud man, he does not keep anything with himself and is always ready to give blessings to the devotees’, then he understood the glory of charity.

Gambler gives all holy things in Charity

He looked at the resources of happiness and opulence spread around him. He knew that he would not be able to enjoy any of this opulence as he had to enter hell shortly after to suffer for his sins. The seeds of That’s why being attached to all these, he started donating all the things that came into his possession, one by one.

First of all, he donated the Airavat elephant to sage Agastya. Then he picked up the Kalpavriksha located in Alkapuri and gave it to Kaundinya Muni. He donated the Uchchaishrava horse to Vishwamitra. He donated the Kamdhenu cow to Maharishi Vashishtha. Picked up a rare gem named Chintamani and dedicated it to Galav Muni.

In this way, until two and a half clocks were finished, he kept on donating and donated almost all the valuables there. As soon as his time was over, he also left heaven. After two and a half hours passed, when Indra returned at the appointed time, Amravati was lying devoid of opulence.

Indra got angry

Seeing this condition of Amravati, Indra boiled with anger. He immediately reached Yamraj with Brihaspati ji and said angrily ‘ Dharmaraj! You have done a very unfair thing by giving my post to a gambler. He did a very bad thing after reaching there, he spoiled the beauty of Amravati. If you believe the truth, he donated all my gems to sages and sages and now Amravati is lying deserted’.

Dharmaraj said, ‘ Devraj, you are knowledgeable and experienced, yet it seems that your state-related attachments have not gone away yet! Can you guess that the virtuous deeds of the person you are calling a gambler are now more than the great deeds done by you due to which you got the position of Indra ?

Virtuous deeds of gambler become great deeds

Those who do not fall into any kind of carelessness and are ready to do righteous deeds after getting great power are blessed. It would be appropriate for you to fulfill the wishes of sages Agastya etc. or request them to get back your gems etc. They are selfless and benevolent, they will fulfill your wish. Indra was pleased and returned to heaven saying ‘very good’.

Gambler becomes the great King Bali

On the other hand, even after attaining immense power, the same gambler is united by being disinterested in the desire to enjoy opulent pleasures and by donating the substances that give opulence to the appropriate persons so that those sages can do welfare of the general public. Had become a creature with proper intelligence and consciousness.

His good deeds were getting stronger and his bad deeds were becoming ineffective. Due to his great deeds of those two and a half hours, he was born again on earth without suffering his certain hell-suffering.

Due to his developed intelligence and consciousness rehearsed, he continued the order of donating to the right characters and removing their sorrows in this birth as well and became famous as ‘King Bali’, one of the greatest donors of all time on earth, who was blessed with blessings. God himself came to do it.

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