32 traits of a Superhuman


Kumar Kartikeya, son of Lord Shiva, composed a treatise on astrology which is based on the body characteristics of humans. The words of this book spread in the world through Samudra Rishi. Many auspicious traits of men have been mentioned in this book. If this auspicious traits is present in your organs then you will be lucky and a great man and that is called as Superhuman.

Lord Rama and Buddha had 32 great traits

Lord Buddha had thirty-two great man traits in his body. Before Mahaparinirvana, he had said that after cremation, the remains of the bones should be preserved in a vessel and a stupa should be built on them so that it would be a proof for the future human world that Tathagat Buddha was also made of flesh and blood. Even if a Samyak Sambuddha has thirty-two traitss, eighty expressions, a crystal-coloured body and a supremely beautiful body, one day he too becomes worn out and dies because everything is impermanent and perishable.

Thirty-two great qualities that make a person Superhuman

1) Well established feet – The soles of the feet are flat. There are no holes in them and hence the feet lie flat on the ground.
2) Chakras are marked – Chakras are marked on both the soles of the feet, which have thousands of spokes.
3) Aayat-Pashni – The heels of the feet are longer and wider than the heels of a normal person.
4) Long fingers – The fingers and toes are long.
5) Soft young hands and feet – Hands and feet are not dry and hard but soft and young.
6) Webbed hands and feet – There is webbed skin at a short distance between the fingers of the hands and feet, like the ones in the toes of swans, ducks etc., due to which there is no gap between the two fingers.
​7) Usankh Pad – The ankles or balls of the feet are upwards.
8) Eeni Thighs – Deer of Eeni caste have beautiful thighs.
9) Ajaanubahu – Arms so long that when standing straight, they can pat and massage their knees with their palms without bending at all, that is, arms are long till the knees.
10) Well-retracted male gland – secreted, hidden in the epididymis.
11) Golden complexion – The skin is emerald colored.
12) Micro-image – There is a thin skin layer on the skin of the body, on which dust etc. does not stick.
13) Ekak Lom – Every hair. There is one follicle in each follicle.
14) Vertical hairs – All hairs are coiled from left to right and their ends are situated upwards.
15) Brahmariju-gatra – The body is long and straight due to which people call him Brahma Uju. The aura circle extends up to ten feet of the body.

Each and every person doesn’t have all traits

16) Sapt Utsad – Both hands, both legs, front chest, back torso and brain including face. These seven parts of the body are huge and of full size.
17) Leo-upper body – The upper part of the body including the chest is like a lion.
18) Chitantransa – The area between the two shoulders is filled.
19) Yagrodha Circle – The more the Yagrodha tree grows in height, the more it spreads in width. Similarly, by standing and spreading both the long arms on both sides, the width of the body is equal to the height from head to toe.
20) Concurrent shoulders – Have equally rounded shoulders.
21) Rasa Rasagri – There is a tongue that tastes all the juices and a vein connected to it that extends up to the throat.
22) Leo Hanu – has a beautiful, broad chin like that of a lion.
23) Forty-four teeth – There is a grand face full of forty teeth.
24) Homodentate – The teeth are in a uniform line rather than forward and backward.
25) Non-cavity teeth – There is no cavity i.e. empty space between the teeth.
26) Well-groomed molars – The molars are very clean and the saliva is such that they make every food tasty.
27) Prabhut Jiva – The tongue is very long and wide.
28) Brahm Swar – Ninnadi Brahm Swar (deep, resonance) is similar to the voice of the cuckoo.
29) Deep blue eyes – Beautiful blue eyes like flax flowers.
30) Go-Pakshma – It has big beautiful eyelashes (eyelash hairs) like those of a bull (royal bull).
31) White Urna – There are white, soft, cotton-like circular hairs between both the eyebrows.
32) Ushneesh head – There is a small head (upashish) emerging in the middle above the head, as if a Jatamukut-like turban is tied on the head.

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