23 Dukes of Hell in Ars Goetia


The Ars Goetia has the 72 elite demons of Hell, each with their own noble rankings and their own legions that they command into battle.According to Ars Goetia there are 23 Dukes of Hell.

1. Amadeusias

He is depicted as a humanoid with claws instead of hands and feet, the head of a unicorn, and a trumpet to symbolize his powerful voice. Amadeusias is associated with thunder and his voice is said to be heard during a storm.

2. Agares

He can call back the fugitives and those who stay run away, and take pleasure in teaching immorality. He also has the power to destroy both cosmic and supernatural limitations. Agares is depicted as a pale old man riding a crocodile.

3. Velefer

He tempts people to steal and is in charge of a good relationship among thieves. Weller is considered a good acquaintance by his colleagues “until he is caught in the trap”. He commands ten legions of demons. [6] He is like a lion with the head of a man or a lion with the head of a donkey.

4. Barbatos

Barbatos is an Earl and Duke of Hell, who rules thirty legions of demons and has four kings as his companions to command his legions. He gives understanding to the sounds of animals, tells the past and the future, explains friends and rulers, and can lead people to hidden treasures that are hidden by the magic of magicians.

5. Guson

Guson (also Gusoin, Gusoyan) is a strong great duke of hell and rules over forty legions of demons. He tells all things past, present, and future, shows the meaning of all questions asked of him, unites friends, and gives honor and respect. He is depicted as a baboon or, according to some, as “Xenophilous”.


6. Eligos

Eligos is a great duke of Hell, ruling over 60 legions of demons. He discovers hidden things and knows the future of wars and how the soldiers should meet. Eligos also attracts the favor of nobles, knights, and other important persons. He is depicted as a good knight carrying a spear, a standard, and a snake.

7. Zepper

Zepper is a great Duke of Hell. He commands 26 legions of inferior spirits. His office is to make women love men and to bring them together in love. He makes women barren. He is depicted with red clothes and armor like a soldier.

8. Bathin

Bathin is a Duke of Hell, who has thirty armies of demons. He knows the properties of precious stones and herbs and can bring people suddenly from one country to another. Bathin helps you achieve astral projection and takes you wherever you want to go. He is depicted as a strong man with a serpent’s tail, who rides a yellow horse.

9. Selos

Selos is a powerful Great Duke of Hell (a Great Earl of Johann Weyer), ruling over thirty legions of demons, though Weyer mentions nothing concerning the legions under his command. He is of a pacifist nature and causes men to love women and women to love men. He is depicted as a gallant and handsome soldier, wearing a ducal crown, and riding a crocodile.

10. Aim

Aim is a great duke of Hell, very strong, and rules over twenty-six legions of demons. He sets fire to cities, fortresses, and great places, makes men clever in every way, and gives truthful answers about private matters. He is depicted as a man (handsome for some sources), but with three heads, one of a serpent, another of a man, and a third of a cat for most authors, although some report of a calf.

11. Boone

Boone is one of the Great Dukes of Hell, powerful, with thirty armies of demons. He changes the place of the dead and makes the demons who are under his power gather together at those graves. Ban makes men eloquent and intelligent and responds properly to their demands and prosperity. He speaks with a beautiful high voice.

12. Bunny

Bunny is depicted as a three-headed dragon, with the heads of a dog, a griffin, and a man (although some grimoires have two of his heads like a dragon and the third like a man).


Berith is a great dukes of Hell, powerful and terrifying, and has twenty-six legions of demons under his command. He tells things of the past, present and future with correct answers; He can turn all metals into gold, give honor to men and make them strong.

14. Baal

His name was certainly derived from Baal Berith (god), Baal was worshiped in Berith (Beirut), Phoenicia. In alchemy, the berth was the element with which all metals could be converted into gold.

15. Astaroth

Astaroth is referred to in The Lesser Key of Solomon as a very powerful demon who commands 40 legions of demons. In art, in the Dictionary Infernal, Astaroth is depicted as a naked man with feathered wings, wearing a crown, holding a serpent in one hand, and riding a beast with dragon-like wings and a serpent.

16. Focalor

Focalor (also Forcalor, Furcalor) is a powerful Great Duke of Hell, commanding three or thirty legions of spirits. Fockler is mentioned in The Lesser Key of Solomon as the forty-first of the 72 Goetic demons.

17. Vepar

Vepar (also Semper, Wafer) is a strong great dukes of Hell and rules over twenty-nine legions of demons. He rules the waters and guides armored ships laden with ammunition and weapons; If requested he can make the sea rough and stormy and appear full of ships. Vepar is depicted in the form of a mermaid.

18. Murmur

Murmur is a Great Duke and Earl of Hell and has thirty armies of demons under his command. He teaches philosophy and can compel the spirits of the deceased to appear before the magician to answer each desired question.

19. Gremory

Gremory is a strong dukes of Hell who controls twenty-six legions of demons. He reveals everything about the past, present, and future, hidden treasures, and receives the love of women, young and old, but especially maidens. She is depicted as a beautiful woman, with a queen’s crown tied around her waist, and riding a camel.

20. Vapula

Vapula also Nephula is a mighty great duke of hell who controls thirty-six legions of demons. He teaches philosophy, mechanics, and science. Vapula is depicted as a griffin-winged lion.

21. Flauros

Flauros also Flavors, Hauras, Haures, Havres is a strong great dukes of Hell, under whose rule thirty-six (twenty according to Pseudomonarchia Daemonum) legions of demons.He is depicted as a fierce and strong leopard who transforms at the request of the sorcerer into a man with fiery eyes and a terrifying expression.

22. Dantalion

Dantalion or Dantalian is one of a powerful Grand Dukes of Hell, with thirty-six legions of demons under his command; He is the 71st of the 72 souls of Solomon. He is depicted as a man with many forms, meaning the faces of all men and women. He presides over 36 armies of souls; And this is his seal, which thou wearest, etc.

23. Krokel

Krokel or Procel is the 49th Spirit of Goetia, who appears as an angel with a tendency to speak in dark and mysterious ways. Once a member of the Powers, he is now a Duke of Hell who rules over the 48 legions of demons.

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