12 Demon Presidents mentioned in Ars Goetia


The Ars Goetia, also known as the 72 Pillars or the Lemegeton, is a group comprised of seventy two noble demons with exemplary strength and their own legions. They are listed in the grimoire Lesser Key of Solomon. Here are the 12 Demon Presidents mentioned in Ars Goetia.


Barbas or Marbas is a demon president mentioned in the Ars Goetia. He is described as a great president of hell who controls thirty-six legions of demons. Marbas gives correct answers on hidden or secret things, causes and cures diseases, teaches mechanical arts, and transforms men into other figures. He is depicted as a great lion who, at the request of the magician, changes shape into a man.


Buer is a spirit that appears in the 16th-century grimoire Pseudomonarchia Daemonum and its derivatives, where he is described as the Great President of Hell, with fifty legions of demons under his command. He appears when the Sun is in Sagittarius. He is depicted in the form of Dhanu, a centaur with a bow and arrow.


Bottis or Otis is a Great President and Earl of Hell, who commands sixty legions of demons. He tells all things past and future and unites friends and foes. He is depicted as an ugly viper, but when he changes shape, he puts himself in human shape with large teeth and two horns. When in human form he holds a sharp and shining sword in his hand.


Morax also Forai, Marax, and Farax is a Great Earl and President of Hell, with thirty-six legions of demons under his command. He teaches astronomy and all other liberal sciences and gives good and wise acquaintances who know the virtues of all herbs and precious stones. He is depicted as a large bull with the face of a man. It has been proposed that Morax is related to the Minotaur that Dante places in Hell (Inferno, Canto xii). See Fred Gettings, Dictionary of Demons (1988), their name comes from the Latin “moral”, one who delays, one who halts.


Glacia-Labolus also Cacrinolas, Cassimolar, Classiabolus, Glassia-Labolis, Gelos-Lobos is a powerful President of Hell who commands the thirty-six legions of demons. He is the author and captain of carnage and bloodshed, foretells all things past and to come, obtains the mind and love of friends and foes, creates love between them if desired, instigates murders and a man can be made invisible. He is depicted as a dog with the wings of a griffin.


Foras alternatively Forkas or Phorasis is a powerful presiding deity of Hell, who is followed by thirty-nine legions of demons. Not to be confused with Furkas. He teaches logic and ethics in all its branches, the virtues of all herbs and precious stones, can make a man witty, eloquent, invisible, and long-lived, and can find treasures and restore lost things. can retrieve. He is portrayed as a powerful man.


Malphus is a powerful Great President of Hell, with forty demons under his command.
Not to be confused with Malthus the demon. He builds houses, tall towers, and strongholds, demolishes enemy buildings, can destroy enemies’ desires or thoughts. Whatever they have done Gives good acquaintances, and can quickly bring together prostheses from all places in the world.


Hagenti or Hage is a great presidents of Hell, who rules over thirty-three legions of demons. He makes men wise by teaching them all subjects, turns all metals into gold, and turns wine into water and water into wine. Haganti is depicted as a large bull with the wings of a griffin, turning into a man under the request of a sorcerer.


Cameo in bird form as illustrated in Colin de Plancy’s Dictionnaire Infernal, 1863 edition. He is also Kem, Kem appears in the Ars Goetia, the first part of The Lesser Key of Solomon, as a Great Presidents of Hell, ruling over thirty legions of demons.


Ose also Oje, Oso, Woso is a great presidents of Hell, who rules over the three legions of demons. He makes men wise in all liberal sciences and gives true answers about things divine and secret; He also brings madness to any person whom the sorcerer wishes, causing him to believe that he is the creature or object that the sorcerer wishes, or to make that person think he is a king and a crown, or wearing a pope. Ose is depicted as a leopard who after a while transforms into a man.


Ami is a great president and appears in flames, but taking the shape of a man, he excels in astrology, and all liberal sciences. He obtains excellent families, he obtains treasures guarded by spirits. Ami has a government of thirty-six armies, he is partly part of the order of angels, partly of mighty ones, and he hopes to return to the seventh throne after one thousand two hundredth year.


Valac also Ulak, Valak, Valax, Velu, Valik, Volak is a powerful Great Presidents of Hell. He is with thirty armies of demons under his command. Valek is asked to give the correct answer about a hidden treasure. He tells where the snakes can be seen, and delivers them unharmed to the magician. It is said that he appears as a small poor boy with wings riding on a two-headed dragon.

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