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Lord Hanuman

Hanuman ji is one of the most worshiped deities in Sanatana Dharma. He is the incarn ation of Shiva and the Son of Vanar Raj Kesari and his mother is Maa Anjna. Lord Hanuman is Also known as Pavan Putra. His detailed character is described in the Ramayana and his role was central to the entire Ramayana context.

10 Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman | Bageshwar Dham
Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman | Bageshwar Dham

Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman


Once Lord Shiva built a golden palace for Mother Parvati from Kuber, but on the demand of devotee Ravana, Lord Shiva donated that palace to Ravana. Mother Parvati was very angry about this, then Shiv ji promised her that in Treta Yug, I will take the incarnation of Hanuman in the form of a monkey, then you become my tail. Then when I will go to the same Golden Lanka in search of Mother Sita, you punish Ravana by setting Lanka on fire in the form of a tail.

Interesting Facts About Lord Hanuman

2- PANCHMUKHI AVATAR of Lord Hanuman

Hanuman ji took the form of Panchmukhi Hanuman to kill Ahiravana who kidnapped Ram ji and Lakshman ji. Hanuman ji came to know that if he wanted to kill Ahiravana, he would have to extinguish five lamps at the same time. Because of this, he assumed the form of Panchmukhi i.e. five faced.

Panchmukhi AVATAR of Lord Hanuman

3- Importance of RAM NAAM for Hanuman Ji

Once Mother Sita tested Hanuman ji and said does the sound of the name of Ram come from your whole body as well? Then Hanumanji uprooted one of his hair and gave it to mother Sita. When Mother Sita put it on her ear, the sound of Ram’s name was coming from it too.
To strengthen the faith of Mata Sita and others, even more, Hanuman ji tore open his chest and showed the image of Mata Sita and Ram ji to all the people present in the assembly. Everyone present there was shocked to see this scene. When Lord Rama saw it, he embraced Hanuman ji.

4- Gift Given By Sitaji To Lord HANUMAN

Mother Sita gave gifts to all the people after the coronation of Lord Shri Ram. Mother Sita also gifted a pearl necklace to Hanuman ji, but Hanuman ji broke each pearl of that necklace and started seeing Lord Ram’s image in it. When he could not find Lord Rama in it, he rejected the gift.

5- Why does Lord Hanuman Love Vermilion Color?

Hanuman ji loved vermilion very much. The reason behind this is told that one day when Hanuman ji reached Mata Sita’s room. He saw that Mata Sita was decorating something of red color in her demand. When Hanuman ji asked Mata Sita, Mata Sita replied that by applying vermilion, the life of Lord Ram increases, and his affection is received. After this Hanumanji started thinking that if Mother Sita is receiving so much affection by applying so much vermilion, then if I apply more vermilion than her, I will get more affection than her. Thinking this, he applied vermilion all over his body. That’s why it is said that vermilion is offered to Hanuman ji.

6- How Did The Name Hanuman Come

In Sanskrit, Hanu means jaw and Mana means distorted i.e. deformed jaw. Once when Hanuman ji had swallowed the sun in his childhood, then Indradev got angry and hit the child Maruti i.e. Hanuman ji with a thunderbolt, due to which his jaw was broken and he fainted. Since then his name became Hanuman. Earlier his name was Maruti.

7- Five Brothers of Hanuman Ji

Hanuman ji actually had five real brothers. There is mention of six sons of Vanar Raj Kesari in Puranas and Hanuman ji was the eldest among them. All five of his brothers were also married. The names of Hanuman Ji’s five brothers are as follows: Matiman, Gatimaan, Rutiman, Ketuman, and Dhritiman.

8- Son of Hanuman Ji?

Hanuman ji was celibate, but he also had a son whose name was Makardhwaj. Makardhwaj was born from the stomach of a fish. It is said that when Hanuman ji went to extinguish the fire in the sea after burning the whole of Lanka, his sweat was swallowed by a fish and from this sweat, the Makardhwaj was born.

9- How does RAMJI Sacrifice His Body?

When Lord Shriram was about to leave his body and go to Vaikunth. He knew that it would not be possible if Hanuman ji was there. Then Lord Ram dropped his thumb in Patal Lok and asked Hanuman ji to find it and bring it. By sending Hanuman ji to Hades on the pretext, he had sacrificed his human body by taking a dip in the Saryu river.

10- Presence Of Hanuman Ji-

According to the Puranas, the presence of Hanumanji was present in the Ramayana period. But Hanumanji was also present in the form of a flag on Arjuna’s Chariot in the Mahabharata War of the Mahabharata period.
It is believed that he did this because of his reverence for Lord Shri Krishna and thus provided protection to the chariot and the people present there.

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