10 Commandments Of God in the Bible and Their Relations To Our Life


Everything that God has taught us has a certain meaning in our day-to-day life. He has created humans on Earth to live a life that is both meaningful and challenging. If we follow the path that God has taught us then we will be blessed and have the key to enter His kingdom. We are all His people and will be blessed eternally by following His path. God has taught His people to love and help those who are in need, and to be happy with the things that are being provided by Him. Humans have only one way to communicate with God and this is my prayer.

Christian children were taught from the very beginning about the 10 commandments of God. It has to be followed if you want to reach God. They were taught examples that relate to them in their lives. So that it will be easy for them to understand what these commandments mean, in an easy way. So let us check out the ten commandments of God and what relation they have with our lives.

10 Commandments Of God in Bible and Their Relations To Our Life
10 Commandments Of God in Bible and Their Relations To Our Life

10 Commandments Of God in Bible and Their Relations To Our Life

You should not believe or pray to any other God than Me

Here it means, we are not supposed to pray to any other God other than God Himself. In Christianity, you are not allowed to worship other Gods even for the sake of others. And no one has the right to force us to pray to other gods. According to Him, it is a sin when one does that and follows the belief of other Gods. God is only one and He is above us watching all we do, both right and wrong.

You are not allowed to pray to God in the form of Idols

We know that we can’t see God, and He is everywhere within us and sees us from above. God will send His angels in the form of a person or any other to guard us. He is always the truth and must speak to all by way of truth and not lie. He is the way of life and the truth of life. Therefore it is against the Law of God to pray to Him by placing idols resembling Him. If we want to know Him, we just have to pray with all our minds and heart and that has to be true.

You should not take God’s name in Vain

By this commandment, He tells His people that you are not allowed to swear your God or not allowed to use His name for anything that you do. No one is allowed to use His name for getting things done or for any other purpose. If so happens, you will have to face a big challenge from Him where you cannot escape in any form. But when it comes to reality, many forbid this law and move on by veining his name for certain purposes and challenges. The only thing that a person can get closer to God is by believing in Him and communicating to Him through prayer.


Make yourself holy on the Sabbath day

The Lord has given 7 days in a week where the humans have to work all six days and rest on the seventh day. God has made heaven and Earth on these six days and He rested fully on the seventh day. The day when you rest, you have to praise the Lord and make yourself holy and earn to get His blessings. But in reality, some people work all seven days for earning their living and want to earn money.

In life, there are many ups and downs, but life teaches a man to face all the big challenges in life. But being human, it is said that he or she has to work for all six days and restfully serve God, and follow His path on that one particular day. God never told humans that they have to pray all the days, but just on the seventh day, which has to be dedicated to God and relieve from tensions and pressure. But the present, the time has changed, and it is difficult for a man to rest for a day, as many tensions and pressure in work arise when coming to money and leading a life that has to be happy and smooth.

It is necessary to honor your Father and Mother

The children will be spoilt if they don’t listen or obey what their parents are telling them or teaching them. Parents always teach their children good things and give them guidance on what is right and wrong. At a certain age, children are protected under the wings of their parents. Like God, parents are God to us in the form of parents. They are the ones who lead us to the right path and directions. The word honor, According to the Bible, means, listening carefully, giving respect, and obeying your parents with all your hearts and minds. When a parent understands that their children follow them and listen to them, they are the ones who follow Lord in any way. The happiness that they get is something great than anything else.

You should never think of murdering or killing anyone

We all know that the biggest sin on Earth that a man can do is take the life of another person or self. The life of a person can be taken by only one person and that is the Holy Father, and no one else has the right to do so. He is the one who created man and the life inside them. God has given His only son where He teaches His people about living a life that is under Him and those who follow Him, will never die and have a life of everlasting.

Being in this world of crime and molestation, there are chances for people to get attracted to these acts and do the same, which is completely against the will of God’s commandments. In most of the cases, where there is hatred and fights among others for fame and money, they lose their life at the hands of their enemies. Those who never get attracted to these acts are those who follow the path of God and His teachings.

You are not allowed to commit Adultery

It is good when one person gets married, he or she has to live with that partner all their life, with great love and mutual understanding. But when you are married and have a wife or husband with you, why would you go out looking for a better one for more satisfaction. Sex is the concept of making a man and woman one in love and in getting a stronger relationship. But when you have your partner with you, what is that extraordinary satisfaction you get when searching for another man or woman? Is it necessary for getting the same satisfaction from many husbands or wives as when you have one with you all your life?
Stealing is completely out of God’s law. This should be stuck in the heads of people even now. Living in a country that is full of thieves and murderers, this commandment should be made important and when not followed, strict actions have to be taken. But even then, people commit the same mistakes. During this pandemic season, the need for money is there in every people, and this need urges in everyone and they get the idea to steal and lead to problems. Stealing is completely out of God’s law and will be punished under Him.

You shall not bear false witnesses

If you keep a promise, you should make sure you do it. It is against the law when you make a promise which you think it will not be done, but promise them, which creates a sad feeling in their minds. God has never made false promises to His people, and once He has made a decision for them, He has always made sure He did for them, as He told them. He has never taught His people to lie, but only say the truth, which will make them holy and closer to God. Those who keep lying and giving fake promises will be kicked from Heaven and made to live the rest of their life with evil spirits.

You are not entitled to covet

In this last commandment of the Lord, He meant by telling to be happy with what one has, and not to cry on what others have. Greed is there in people all over, living on this planet, who want what others need and what they did not get. By doing so, jealousy, anger, violence, etc develop in a person, creating chaos within each other. God has said to His people that, one should not desire their neighbor’s wife, house, servants, and other things that do not belong to you. He has taught us to be happy with what we have and what we are blessed with.


God has made these 10 commandments for humans to follow. To show them life is a game and they have to face many challenges. If they wish to be near to God and His kingdom. From the 10 commandments, we can see that the first four tell us that God is Holy and we should not communicate to Him by looking at an idol. He is just referring to us that He is everywhere even though we cannot see Him and His love is eternal.

The fifth one says we have to love our parents like how we love God. And the rest tells that you should not have an evil mind and not do evil things that get others in danger and create hatred in them towards you. All these are related to a person’s life. These commandments only show people that being loving and faithful to others, God’s blessing will never leave you, and keep these commandments close to your heart. By following these wills of God, you will win the fame and honor in being near to God, His love, and forgiveness.

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