True Origin of Bloody Mary


Friends, in this article we will talk about Bloody Mary. In this article, we will talk about who was Bloody Mary? How did she get the name Bloody Mary? How did Bloody Mary die? Where does Bloody Mary live? Is?

The real identity of Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary’s real name was Mary Tudor. Bloody Mary was the daughter of Henry Yale. Who was the king of England? His rule lasted from 1509 to 1577. Henry Yale had two daughters, one named Elizabeth and the other named Mary, but Henry was not able to have a son, Henry was very worried about who would take care of his upbringing. Mary was a girl.

That’s why Henry didn’t like Mary at all. Nor were they treating him well. Despite there being many servants in the palace, Mary had to do all the work. But Mary never gave any reply to her father as to why he makes her do all this work. Somehow Mary knew that her father was the most powerful man in England.

True Origin of  Bloody Mary

Where does Bloody Mary live? 

Mary, 18 February 1516–17 November 1558 was Queen of England and Ireland from July 1553 until her death. During his reign, he gave such punishment to thousands of people that it would make a person’s soul tremble.

Why was Bloody Mary so cruel?

Bloody Mary’s father did not like Mary at all. Mary never said anything to her father about the discrimination she was facing. Because Mary had to rule England. She was a great driver. He got all his relatives’ children killed, especially the boys. So that his father does not give him the throne to anyone. One day Henry Yale dies. Mary, who was the eldest girl, became the queen of England after a few days.

Mary was a cruel queen. Who wanted to make the people agree to her every wish. If anyone refused to obey her, she would punish him in front of the entire people. For not obeying her, she would burn them alive and for those whom she did not burn, she would cut their entire bodies and collect their blood in a vessel, and then take a bath with the same blood. It was because of bathing in blood that Mary believed she could stay young for a longer period. For this reason, people considered him cruel.

How did Bloody Mary die?

Mary got married. After the marriage, Mary became pregnant. This news spread throughout England. The people were very happy to hear this news. Everyone felt that the queen would calm down a bit. The atrocities being committed on people will probably also reduce a little. One day Mary had severe stomach pain, which meant that a child was going to be born that day. So that day Mary did not even have a child. If Mary’s stomach was full then why didn’t she have a child? Everyone was shocked by this incident. After a few months, Mary’s stomach becomes normal as before.

At that time, the exorcist says that for so many days, there was no child in Mary’s womb, but a ghost was growing in her womb. After that, the queen became very sad and also started becoming very ill. The same problem started facing him, if he did not have a child, then who would take care of the kingdom?

Bloody Mary was not even asking her husband for a second marriage. If her husband remarried, his son would rule over Mary. Mary doesn’t want all this. She wants to see her child on the throne. Due to the grief of her dream not being fulfilled, the queen became more ill and died a painful death.

How did Mary get the name “Bloody Mary”?

This news spread throughout England that a ghost was growing in Mary’s womb. People also believed that there was a blue baby in her stomach, who knew her as ‘Blue Baby’. After that people started dying in England. Whoever went in front of the mirror at night and remembered Bloody Mary, or took her name three times, she would come out of the mirror and kill him. For this reason, people declared Mary cursed.

Mary was named “Bloody marry”. Besides this, Mary, despite being alive, used to torture people a lot. She would burn people alive, cut their bodies, collect their blood in a vessel, and then take a bath with that blood.

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