The reality of Hades is full of mystery and thrill


Hades is a place with various concepts prevalent among people. Some say that it is a place where there is only darkness, some believe that only souls reside in the underworld but some believe that dangerous creatures reside in the underworld who destroy the evil spirits. But everyone is unaware of what the truth is in real.

Mystery of underworld

Even though Hades has a different form in different religions and beliefs, there is a similarity in all of them. All religions believe that Hades is a place that lies miles below the ground. This is an invisible place which a person can see only in the form of a soul after leaving his present body. It is believed that to reach this place the soul has to pass through a deep well, pit, or tunnel. After coming out of this scary dark place, he reaches straight to the underworld. Well, whatever the description, in every belief the name of Hades makes people tremble with fear.

Punishment in hell

Some people believe that after leaving the body, the soul goes to the underworld in its subtle state. Here, an account of the deeds done by him while he was alive, i.e. his sins and virtues, is prepared. After which he is punished on the same basis by the god of the underworld. But based on other beliefs it is said that after death all souls have to go to hell. This is the journey of becoming a soul after death, going to hell, and being born again after spending some time there.


Hades in Mesopotamian civilization

Even in the ancient Mesopotamian civilization, there are some stories related to the underworld, which are related to the goddess Inanna. It is said that once Inanna Devi had gone to her sister Arshkigal, who was the queen of Hades, for war to capture the city of Hades. But he died in the struggle. Later, at the request of the gods, Arshkigal decided to free the spirit of Goddess Ananna. It was only after this incident that the belief arose that after death, the soul resides in the underworld for some time, and then later on the orders of the gods, it is released to enter another body.

Description of Hades in Egyptian Civilization

Like the Mesopotamian tradition, a similar story of the underworld exists in the Egyptian civilization too. According to this, after the death of a human being, his soul passes through various troubles. His struggle is many times greater than his real life.

Hades in Judaism and Christianity

But gradually, after the arrival of Judaism and Christianity, this story of Hades also changed to some extent. Judaism and Christianity believe that after death a person is not taken to hell but to a place called ‘Sheol’.

The reality of Hades is full of mystery and thrill

Facts about Hades in Greek Civilization

Here the level of punishment he will receive is calculated based on his sins. But the Greek civilization again presented the same view of the underworld to the people which was based on ancient beliefs centuries ago. According to Greek civilization, Hades is a place where all the souls leave their bodies. It is a scary, dark, and strange place where spirits, spirits, or invisible creatures reside. This place was also named ‘Hades’ by the Greeks.

Description of Hades in Maya Civilization

But opposite to the Greeks was the discovery of the Maya civilization, which again revived the fear of Hades among the people. This revelation of Maya civilization is very horrifying and painful. This civilization believes that Hades is not just a place where the sins of the soul are punished, but it is much more painful than that. This civilization believes that the underworld is made up of a total of eight layers, each of which gives a painful experience as it opens. These layers are not transparent, rather there are sharp metals around them that force the soul to groan in pain.

Return from underworld

Away from these countries, when centuries-old information about ASEAN countries is searched, many interesting facts about hell are found in it too. It is known from Chinese Buddhist mythological documents that there have been great souls who have gone to the underworld and returned successfully from there.

Hades in Japanese history

These stories talk about those brave men who entered the city of Hades but returned after overcoming many difficulties. On the other hand, according to Japanese history, Hades was the city of a goddess which was developed after her death. It is said that a goddess named Iznami died when she gave birth to the fire god. After his death, some parts of his body suddenly disintegrated and transformed into terrible monsters. These demons together created the underworld.

Hades of Hinduism

It is very surprising to hear all these stories, but the underworld of the Hindu religion has been elaborated quite easily in the religious texts. According to this, this is a world where the god of death Yamraj resides. After the death of a person, they come to collect his soul and travel a distance of millions and billions of miles and take that soul to Yamalok. They calculate the good and bad deeds done by him in his life. On this basis, they give him a place in heaven or hell.

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