Miraculous statue of ancient Maa Garh Kalika is in Ratlam


As soon as Shardiya Navratri starts, special puja and worship is going to start for nine days in the temples of the Goddess across the country. At the same time, devotees are going to flock to the years old famous Kalika Mata temple of Ratlam district.

The glory of Maa Kalika situated here is very unique. Mother Kalika fulfills every wish. Along with Navratri, there is a huge crowd of devotees in the temple throughout the year for darshan and devotion of the Mother Goddess. The history of this temple is very interesting. Let us know about the history and importance of this temple.

The king of Ratlam had built the temple

Actually, the statue of Maa Kalika Mata in the temple is ancient. But this temple was built by the king of Ratlam, the pond adjacent to the temple was also named Jhali Pond because it was built by Queen Jhali. Due to its location in the middle of the city, there is a constant flow of devotees here throughout the year.

Three forms of Maa Kalika are worshipped

In the temple, Mother Kalika appears in three forms to the devotees every day. Devotees believe that Mother Kalika Mata is seen in the form of a child in the morning. In the afternoon the mother gives darshan to the devotees in her youth. So in the evening, Maa Kalika blesses all the devotees in her old age and every day devotees come here from far and wide to see these miraculous forms of Maa and get the blessings of Maa Kalika for fulfillment of their wishes.

Garba is performed traditionally

This is the only temple in Madhya Pradesh where Goddess Kalika Mata is worshiped by doing Garba from 4 to 6 in the morning. The most special thing about the Garba happening here is that in today’s modern era, despite having multiple orchestras and DJs, Garba is performed here in the old traditional way. Women sing the hymns of Mother Goddess only with the beat of drum and the tune of Shehnai, whereas even today in Garba, women worship Mother Goddess by placing lamps in the urn on their heads.

There is a rush of devotees during Navratri

The queue of devotees starts from 3 am in the morning for the darshan of Maa Kalika during Navratri, the flow of devotees remains the whole day during Navratri, from 3 am in the morning devotees can be seen going barefoot to have the darshan of Maa Kalika Mata on the streets of the city. Looks like. During these nine days of Navratri, a huge crowd of devotees is seen in the temple for morning darshan.

This temple is 400 years old

Temple priest Pandit Akash tells that this temple is about 400 years old. The king of Ratlam also used to come here to visit, the idol of Mother Kalika Mata is seen in 3 forms in the temple. All the wishes of all the devotees who visit the Mother Goddess are fulfilled. Devotees say that apart from the ancient temple, there is also a Siddha Peetha here. The temple was built by Ratlam Raja. There is also a pond in the name of Rani Jhali. Devotees told that this is the only temple where Garba is organized in the morning in a traditional manner. Even today, Garba is performed here by lighting lamps in an urn on the head.

Old and gold History

The miraculous statue of ancient Maa Garh Kalika is in Ratlam. Chamunda and Ganapati with Dakshinavarti trunk are seated along with Mother Kalika in the sanctum sanctorum. The doors of the temple are made of silver. Devotees consider Kalika Mata temple alive and sacred. Even during the time of Akbar in 1556-1605 AD, Ratlam was under the same name. According to Aina Akbari, at that time the Sodhi Rajput family ruled Ratlam with a population of about 500. The Sodhi family had established Kalika Devi for mother worship. From then till now the worship of Mother Goddess has been done on a grand scale.

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