Importance of Shami flower in Hindu religion


You must have heard about the belief of pleasing Lord Shiva and Shani Dev by offering Shami leaves and flowers. Shami tree is very dear to Lord Shiva and Shani Dev. Shami leaves and flowers are used for the worship of Bholenath and Shani Dev. It is considered one of the auspicious trees in Hindu religion. It is believed that planting Shami tree also called Khejri in the house removes negative energy and brings positive energy. According to Shiv Purana that a lamp should be lit every evening after worshiping the Khejri tree and on the occasion of Sawan, Monday, Pradosh and Shivratri, Lord Bholenath is pleased by making a Shivalinga under the tree and worshiping it. This is the belief of Khejri tree, so let us know about its flower.


Shami flower is dear to all the gods and goddesses

Just as Lord Shiva likes Kaner, Dhatura, Belpatra, Shami Patra and Aak flower, similarly, Bholenath also likes Shami flower very much. Apart from Lord Shiva, you can offer it to Shani Dev, Lord Vishnu and Laddu Gopal.

You can also offer Shami flowers to other gods and goddesses. Mother Durga also likes Shami flower very much. Just as Bholenath resides in the Bel tree, similarly Bholenath is considered to reside in the Shami tree also. Worship of Shami tree is considered equivalent to worship of Lord Shiva.

Shami flower is one of the favorite five flowers of Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva is very fond of Aak, Dhatura, Kaner, Parijat and Shami flowers. If you offer any one of these five flowers to Shivling with devotion, then Lord Bholenath fulfills all your wishes.

What is Shami flower looks like ?

Shami flower is very beautiful in appearance and is pink and yellow in color. You will find it blooming on the tree for 12 months. If you offer a Shami flower to Lord Shiva every day during worship, then Lord Shiva removes people’s troubles.

Shami flower has great importance in hindu religion worship

Khejri tree and its importance are discussed in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Puranas. It is also related to Lord Ram in Ramayana and Pandavas in Mahabharat. Khejri wood is used in some special yagyas. There is a religious belief that worshiping the Khejri tree reduces the ill effects of Saturn. With this, planet Saturn can be pacified. According to the religious texts prevalent in Hindu religion, the person who is under the evil influence of Saturn. That person should plant a Khejri tree in his house and worship it from time to time. Let us know the religious importance of Khejri tree.

To pacify the ill effects of Shani, people worship Shami tree.

In Hindu religious texts, two trees have been discussed to reduce the effects of Saturn. There is Shami tree and Peepal tree in it. It is believed that by worshiping these two trees, the effects of Saturn can be reduced. To avoid the ill effects of Saturn, a person should plant a Khejri tree around his house. After that, every Saturday a mustard oil lamp should be lit under the Khejri tree. Apart from this, use of flowers and leaves of Khejri tree also calms the ill effects of Saturn. It is believed that keeping a Khejri tree in the house prevents sorcery, sorcery and negative energy from affecting the house.

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