Daughters of Daksha Prajapati


Do you want to know the names of the daughters of Daksh Prajapati? We are going to give you complete information about the names of the daughters of Daksh Prajapati.

Who was Daksha Prajapati ?

Prajapati Daksha, one of the Manas sons of Lord Brahma, was first married to Prasuti, the third daughter of Swayambhuva Manu. According to belief, Prajapati Daksha was born from the right thumb of Lord Brahma, but later he became the son of Pracheta. Then he made Prajapati Veeran’s daughter Asiki his wife. Asiki is also called Veerani.

  • Spouses – Prasuti and Virani
  • Mother – Saraswati Devi
  • Father – Brahma
  • Brother – Sankadi Rishi and Narad Muni
  • Eighty-four daughters including child Sati
  • Vehicle – eagle

Names of Daksha Prajapati’s daughters and their husbands

According to the Puranas, Daksha Prajapati was the son of the Supreme Father Brahma, who lived in the Himalayan region of the Kashmir Valley. Prajapati Daksh had two wives – Prasuti and Veerani. Daksha had 24 daughters from Prasuti and 60 daughters from Veerani. In this way, Daksha had 84 daughters. All the demons, Gandharvas, Apsaras, birds, animals, and all creation were born from these girls.

Daksha’s twenty-four daughters and their husbands from Prasuti

  1. Shraddha (religion)
  2. Lakshmi (Religion)
  3. Dhriti (religion)
  4. Tushti (religion)
  5. Pushti(religion)
  6. Medha (religion)
  7. Kriya (religion)
  8. Buddhi (religion)
  9. Lazza (religion)
  10. Vapu (religion)
  11. Shanti (religion)
  12. Siddhi (Dharma)
  13. Kirti (religion)
  14. Khyati (Maharishi Bhrigu)
  15. Sati (Rudra)
  16. Sambhuti (Maharishi Marichi)
  17. Smriti (Maharishi Angiras)
  18. Preeti (Maharishi Pulatsya)
  19. Shama (Maharishi Pulah)
  20. Sannati (Kritu)
  21. Anusuya (Maharishi Atri)
  22. Urja (Maharishi Vashishtha)
  23. Swaha (fire)
  24. Swadha(father)

Daughter’s husband’s name

The mountain king Daksha married his 13 daughters to Dharma. These 13 daughters are Shraddha, Lakshmi, Dhriti, Pushti, Pushti, Medha, Kriya, Buddhi, Lajja, Vapu, Shanti, Siddhi, and Kirti.

After this, Khyati is married to Maharishi Bhrigu, Sati is married to Rudra (Shiva), Sambhuti is married to Maharishi Marichi, Smriti is married to Maharishi Angiras, Preeti is married to Maharishi Pulatsya, Sannati is married to Krit, Anusuya is married to Maharishi Atri, Maharishi of energy originated from Vashishtha, Swaha from Pitris.

In this, Sati married Rudra against her father’s wish. Only Rudra is called Shiva and he is called Shankar. Parvati-Shankar has two sons and a daughter. Sons- Ganesh, Kartikeya and daughter Vanlata.

After arguing with Lord Shankar, Daksha did not allow him to participate in the Yagya. Not seeing Rudra’s part in her father’s yagya, Sati left her body in the fire of Yoga. Lord Shankar got angry with the death of his wife. He sent Virbhadra. Virbhadra burnt Daksha’s head in Dakshina.

Satisfied by the prayers of the deities, Lord Shankar gave the boon of life to Daksha from the head of a Sadyojat creature. Goat’s head could be found immediately. Since then Prajapati Daksh became ‘Ajmukh’.

Sixty daughters of Daksha from Veerani and their husbands

  1. Maruvati (religion)
  2. Vasu (religion)
  3. Jami (Religion)
  4. Lamba (religion)
  5. Bhanu (Religion)
  6. Arundhati (Religion)
  7. Sankalp(religion)
  8. Muhurta (Religion)
  9. Sandhya (religion)
  10. Vishva (religion)
  11. Aditi (Maharishi Kashyap)
  12. Diti (Maharishi Kashyap)
  13. Danu (Maharishi Kashyap)
  14. Kashtha (Maharishi Kashyap)
  15. Arishta (Maharishi Kashyap)
  16. Sursa (Maharishi Kashyap)
  17. Ila (Maharishi Kashyap)
  18. Muni (Maharishi Kashyap)
  19. Krodhavasha (Maharishi Kashyap)
  20. Tamra (Maharishi Kashyap)
  21. Surabhi (Maharishi Kashyap)
  22. Sarma (Maharishi Kashyap)
  23. Timi (Maharishi Kashyap)
  24. Kritika (Moon)
  25. Rohini (Moon)
  26. Mrigashira (Moon)
  27. Adra (Moon)
  28. Punarvasu (Moon)
  29. Sunrita (Moon)
  30. Pushya (Moon)
  31. Ashlesha (Moon)
  32. Megha (moon)
  33. Swati (Moon)
  34. Chitra (moon)
  35. Falguni (Moon)
  36. Hasta (Moon)
  37. Radha (Moon)
  38. Visakha (Moon)
  39. Anuradha (Moon)
  40. Jyestha (Moon)
  41. Mula (Moon)
  42. Ashadh (Moon)
  43. Abhijeet (Moon)
  44. Shravan (Moon)
  45. Sarvishtha (Moon)
  46. Satabhishak (Moon)
  47. Prosthapadas (Moon)
  48. Revati (Moon)
  49. Ashvayuz (Moon)
  50. Bharani (Moon)
  51. Rati (Cupid)
  52. Swaroopa (Ghost)
  53. Bhuta (ghost)
  54. Swadha (Angira Prajapati)
  55. Archi (Krishashwa)
  56. Dishana (Krishashwa)
  57. Vinita (Tarkshya Kashyap)
  58. Kadru (Tarkshya Kashyap)
  59. Patangi (Tarkshya Kashyap)
  60. Yamini (Tarkshya Kashyap)

Apart from this, Daksha married his 13 daughters to Maharishi Kashyap

Aditi, Diti, Danu, Kashtha, Arishtha, Sursa, Ila, Muni, Krodhavasha, Tamra, Surabhi, Sarma, and Timi. All the creatures of the world were born from 13 girls married to Maharishi Kashyap. They are called Lokmatas. Only these mothers are called the mothers of the world.

Child from this mothers

  • From Aditi to Aditya (god),
  • Demon from Diti,
  • Danu to the demon,
  • Kashtha to Ashva etc.
  • Arishta to Gandharva,
  • Monster from Sursa,
  • Tree from Ela,
  • Apsaragan from Muni,
  • angry snake,
  • Tamra to Shyen-Gridhra etc.,
  • Gau and Mahesh from Surbhi,
  • Sarma to svapad (violent animal)
  • Timi to Yadogan (Aquarius)

Moon married 27 girls

Kritika, Rohini, Mrigashira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Sunrita, Pushya, Ashlesha, Megha, Swati, Chitra, Falguni, Hasta, Radha, Vishakha, Anuradha, Jyestha, Mula, Ashadh, Abhijeet, Shravan, Sarvishtha, Satabhishak, Prosthapadas, Revati, Ashvayuj, Bharani. Those girls are also called Nakshatra girls.

However, including Abhijeet, a total of 28 constellations have been considered. The names of these constellations have been kept after the names of these girls only.

This daughters were married to Gods

  • Name of Lord Shiva’s wife – Sati
  • Name of Agnidev’s wife – Swaha
  • Pitru’s wife’s name – Swadha
  • Bhrigu’s wife’s name – Khyati
  • March’s wife’s name – Sambhuti
  • Wife of Angiras – Smriti
  • Vashishtha’s wife – Urja
  • Pulah’s wife – Pardon
  • Pulatsya’s wife – Preeti
  • Kritu’s wife – Sannati
  • Shani’s wife – Damini

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